Saturday June 9, 2012

it was absolutely SO much Fun to read all your comments and tales of what your summer holds!
i have to say that i was most impressed with some of your upcoming events and trips and fun times with family and friends. and things like staying home and caring for the homestead and or having a new baby, or attending a family wedding? those are top notch in my book as well. thank you for taking the time to post a comment and share. i sincerely loved all of your words.

and, so, this morning, i used random number generator and picked these two names:

i hope that the both of you will be happy with the packages i will be sending your way!
message me your addresses and i will get these off to you very soon!

and, now…
this weekend is shaping up quite nicely.
a wedding yesterday, a cousin from out of state here to paint our roof and a birthday celebration for my dearest….
i am so excited to be having a little party!


may your weekend be special, whatever you do!


7 thoughts on “Saturday June 9, 2012

  1. I am SOOOOO blessed and excited!  I haven’t ever won a contest, and to be chosen for a great gift from a super sweet person is just beyond wonderful! I will message you my address – I’ve been on vacation without my computer for a couple of weeks, so I’m a little late in responding!  Thank you so much!!

  2. Oh whoohooo!! I was not on xanga for a few days, so thanks to your little reminder I came to see….;) Thank you so much, I am honored!!! L.O.V.E the pictures about, for sure the hot momma one. :)) ~ di

  3. congrats to your winners! i’m with hOldfast ^^^ surely there’s some mistake. and while i’m here, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to tim. i hope that he had a great day with his amazing wife.

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