Tuesday June 12, 2012


we have had the heat and humidity, yes.
but, more than that, the inauguration of summertime really kicks in for us with long evenings spent in the back yard.

as a family.
doing little bits of nothing.

or doing little bits of lots.

either way.

the days are longer.

bedtime comes and goes and still we are outside.

there are lightning bugs to catch, sparklers to twirl and pages to be read.

and just soon, i am so looking forward to cuddling our baby out in our back yard.
or by our fountain.
or around the fire.
 or on the porch swing.

summertime goodness has begun.



10 thoughts on “Tuesday June 12, 2012

  1. Ahhhh….yes, summertime goodness.Bedtime comes and goes. It’s been coming and going around here too. =)Love all your photos. (especially that front porch swing!) and I’m excited for your new baby!!! AND….we will be in PA this weekend. We arrive Thursday night and leave Monday night. We are busy Friday and Sunday.I read your family is coming, (how exciting!)  I hope it works out that we can see each other.

  2. @SpazzyMommy – you asked me this before, didn’t you Cassie!? i just forget to reply sometimes, nothing personal! baby is due in 3!!!!! weeks! hard to believe in some ways! yes, i *think* i like this book…it’s taken me longer to get into it than i expected. but, the more i read, the more i like.did you have your Amy Grant experience?! that sounded so exciting!

  3. YES – love me some summertime and outdoors with family!  LOve your pics!  There’s something about being outside with baby that is just so relaxing…for both baby and me!!Can’t wait for your news!!!  Praying all will go well!

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