Tuesday April 17, 2012

today, all i want to do is make a pie.

not because it’s a special occasion, or because i am so sure my family will shower me with undying gratitude at my domestic skills.
it’s not even because i have apples or peaches that need to be used up.

it’s mostly because the sun is shining and the wind is blowing gentle and i just know that the smell of a fresh apple pie would go well with this lovely day.
oh, that and the fact that i am on a self-induced sugar free diet.
of all things.
another thing i would like to do today?
i happen to know that since it’s tax day, Sonic is having happy hour all day long.
all day long folks!!!

get yourself out there and drink a limeade.
and, while you’re at it, drink one for me too!

happy Tuesday day to you!



22 thoughts on “Tuesday April 17, 2012

  1. Now you  make ME hungry for pie, and the thought hadn’t even crossed my mind this morning. 🙂 I do happen to have granny smith apples in the frig that need to be used up though… Annnnnnd, I thought it was *yesterday* that Sonic had the all-day happy hour, and I happily went through the drive-through and ordered a Rt. 44 Strawberry Limeade (my ultimate fave), and paid the full price. It was a quick blow to my happy state. But hey, only a dollar more, really. 🙂 Well worth it for this 39-week pregnant woman! Ha! I DID share with husband and both littles though. I just have to mention that lest anyone think I drank a quart by myself!Happy Tuesday!

  2. I went to Sonic this morning but just got myself a route 44 cup of ice, which I bring to work and eat at my desk.I totally forgot about the happy hour part . . . oh well, I gave up soda anyway so I’ll just stick with my ice, I guess. :(Now I’m thinking pie too. Thanks. Although, I may actually have the ingredients to make an apple one tonight . . . mmm pie.Have you ever seen the movie Waitress? It makes me want pie too. It’s not my favorite or anything, it just makes me want to eat pie. So your post reminded me of it.As I read my previous comments I Realize that I have added absolutely nothing of value by typing any of it. Sorry bout that.

  3. There is nothing like being on a diet or not eating sugar or whatever to make you crave things that you wouldn’t normally crave. Right?  That happens to me too!   Loved this little glimpse into your day!

  4. I LOVE those first couple of photos! Pretty enough to hang on a kitchen wall!We actually baked an apple crumble pie yesterday. My sister Stephani put it together at my mom’s house while the kids and I were visiting and handed it to us as we were leaving to bake at home. So thoughtful! The house smelled like end of summer/beginning of fall…..I won’t tell you how good it tasted. ;)I didn’t know about Sonic. Hmmm…I am going to the dentist right down the street this afternoon. If I do, I will drink a limeade in honor of my friend Rachel! =)

  5. I love this post.  I read it this morning but didn’t comment b/c my sister called me just as I was about to type.  Anyway.  I felt all warm and cozy reading it, especially with the pie thoughts.  YUM.  Thanks to you, I did go to Sonic.  Treated all seven children with a sugar laden slushie.  🙂  I had a strawberry limeade.  Thanks for the suggestion!Hugs.

  6. bummers. i’m getting here too late to get in on sonic’s all day long thing. i’ve never had one of their limeade’s…but when i drive by that place i think of you. so it’s time i stop and drink a couple in your honor. and now i’m hungry for pie too. and i think that those photos should be on a cookbook cover! so cozy and yummy.

  7. i’m sorry i don’t share your love affair with sonic ….. why??why?? would you ever pick a limeade over one of those pies ??? maybe i’ve just never had a limeade : )

  8. Whaddoyaknow…. I made an apple pie for supper last night.And it was so out-of-the-ordinary that my husband asked in shock, “What got into you??”Rachel. That’s what. 🙂 Inspiring Rachel.

  9. @grace_to_be – i am so sorry there are no Sonic there. what a sorry thing that is! like Beth said…a whole other country!@redladybug18 – i can totally vouch for apple pie for breakfast! @bethro78 – i love that about you; the whole chewing ice thing. and, your comment? adding value or not? you commented, so i’m saying it did add value!! =)@appalolly – totally. if i’d be able to eat sugar, this would so not be a problem. but…like i said, it’s self-induced, so i’ll quit my moaning.@Elizabethmarie_1 – see? the smell of pie baking is just such a welcoming and comforting thing! love the idea of giving an unbaked pie to someone to bake and enjoy the smell of…what a treat!@purpleamethyst76 – i’m so glad you all got to enjoy Sonic on that day! great mom to treat her brood, just because!@madisonsmom2 – yep. coffee and some ice cream and you’re good to go!@down_onthefarm – that makes me happy. @H0LDfast – i’m sorry you have never had sonic. to put an apple pie on the same wave length as a limeade? nope. can’t do that. they’re two totally different classes of deliciousness!and, to all of y’all….a great Thursday!

  10. O Rachel what a wonderful looking pie, have not yet mastered the “pie crust” art yet. One of the things one my “to do” list. And make that a strawberry limeade for me.

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