Thursday May 26, 2011

the song of the soulful singer on the minivan stereo beckoning me to recognize His watching over me..
and i’m grateful.

the warm donuts dropped on my doorstep at 7 in the morning by a friend who loves spreading sunshine..
and i’m delighted.

the earth turning under my spade as i envision what this space will look like later in the year and throughout the coming years..
and i’m revived.

the exchange with 2 souls in the aisle at Costco.. 2 souls whom i know are not on the path of Life…2 souls who i hope saw Jesus in my life as we conversed..
and i’m sobered.

the clipping and smelling of iris to enjoy on my kitchen table..
and i’m remembering.

being accidentally locked out of the house last night while the hubs gave the kiddos their baths equaled half an hour of peace and quiet on my  welcoming side porch…
and i’m rested.

crying out in fright at the sight of a skunk running up against previously mentioned porch just as we were turning to go into the house after spending a few moments in quiet reflection with the hubs after being discovered as locked out..
and i’m on an adventure.

plants given to me by numerous friends.. i watch these perennials grow and multiply for years to come..
and i’m blessed.

watching my little people enjoy their first day of being in their kiddie pool for the season..
and i’m amused.

spending the evening at home alone..
and i’m quiet.

edited… to add this:

my little ‘good things’ postings solidify for me that
‘we write to taste life twice; in the moment and in retrospect.’



23 thoughts on “Thursday May 26, 2011

  1. Love the pool pictures. The water falling from the bucket looks really neat.I want to be friends with your donut friend….she is welcome at my house anytime! =)Enjoy your quiet. Happy Wednesday to you.P.S. Nice green mug! I wish I could have gone….next time. Audrey gave me a mug though, so I feel sort of cool. =)

  2. Love all the pictures…… I need some down time…..just like this….. right now I feel like I am  swirling in a circle of chaos…. how do I get out?

  3. What a refreshing post to start my day off with!!!  Love the landscape with the fence, was the fence just built?  You take such amazing pictures. I pray you’ll have a fantastic Memorial Day weekend!

  4. @hicktownfarm – yes! the fence went in 3 weeks ago to replace the hedgerow that was there for forever. such a nice change! and, it gives me more flowerbeds! yay! lots!!!of work, but since i enjoy it so much, it hardly feels like work. been pushing myself to get it done this week since we want to put in our fountain! this weekend when Tim and Esther are here! yay!hope your weekend is good too….i miss you lots!

  5. @Elizabethmarie_1 – sort of cool? ha. yep, wish you could have been there too!!@rugbana – circle of chaos? oh, i know how that can be….hoping you can get some peace and quiet today amidst the busyness..@fruitloops115 – yep. and, we need to get a new pool. the plastic print all over ours was flaking off, and the water was completely littered with plastic bits. NOT what i want my kids playing in. so. i emptied it last night…and i’m sure i’ll be reminded all day long that we need another one. =)@JsSteph7 – thank you!! it’s a work in progress!

  6. Oh, I feel restful after reading your post! I so enjoyed your reflecting – it seems so grateful!Is that a fence or a shed that borders the flowerbed? It’s sooo pretty!

  7. @rugbana – @twofus_1 – @lifeisadance – hmm…restful. that’s so interesting that you all indicated this after reading here…i was somehow surprised by that, and yet, as i think back over this post, and why i like posting in this way, it does seem that as i write the ‘good things’ and the way i feel in those moments, i do feel rest.full. thanks for your comments. have yourselves a good day!!!

  8. All of the emotions we experience in a day or two’s time. Amazing, isn’t it?Loved your pictures. I agree with Liz…LOVED how you captured that water flying through the air. I was struck by that.I wouldn’t mind getting locked out of my house for a while…if it was warm outside and all of the kids were inside.  Oh, but I would have hoped to remember to bring a book outside with me before I got (accidentally) locked out! LOVE your mug, btw!   

  9. Happy, dear pictures and wonderful words of the good things experienced.  Thanks for bringing us into those moments.  Great looking new garden beds…hope you post another pic as it grows. 

  10. your yard looks great! i want to do something like that along my fencerow……..don’t know when I’ll get around to it though! sweet kiddos and sweet pictures! 

  11. I would like some tips on getting “accidentally” locked out too! And while the kiddies are in the tub too, what great timing you have! I need to come see your backyard in person, it looks fantastic!! ~ R

  12. Loved this post!  That flowerbed is amazing!  And I bet it will be doubly so in another month or three.  And that quote at the bottom is THE BEST!  I wish I could put my thoughts into words like that.  Happy weekend!  I’m soooooo excited it’s Friday!

  13. I missed two Rachel posts while I was gone!!  I get a lovely double dose today 🙂  I love the flower beds Rachel!  What gave you the idea to cut out the edge of the grass into a pattern?  That is one of the best ideas I’ve seen in a long time!!  Makes me long for the day I will actually have landscaping around our little place.  I don’t thinks I would mind getting locked out of the house if my porch was as lovely as yours.  I’m very proud of you Rachel… for being ready and able to give account for your faith and love of the Lord… wonderful!

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