Thursday May 12, 2011

if you read my pulse earlier, and commented, thanks for humoring me.
i’m a little simple like that. ;O)

actually, some of the guesses were something i had never thought of.
and, if you didn’t read it….
i had to go to the police department this morning for fingerprinting, and to get my picture taken.
no, i’m not working on my passport.
or moving toward fostering or adoption.
 nor am i guilty of anything.
(the background check came back clear, so i can feel good about saying that.
not laundering money either.
(unless you count pulling loose change out of the machine after the clothes have spun out.
the reason i was there for such procedures was i’m working on becoming a substitute crossing guard for our small town school.
(cue the laughter, i know)
everyone seems to think this is pretty funny when i say it.
and, in the name of being a good sport, i can see the humor;
little ol’ Mennonite preachers wife standing in the middle of the intersection stopping traffic to cross children wearing her florescent green vest and photo id badge.
it does make a funny picture.


but, seriously?
i’m excited about this little venture.
i still have to wait to do some training (make sure i know how to cross the street before i can cross kids? yep.)
i’ll be able to connect with more people in my community, and i’m ‘in’ to that.
i don’t know that i can make a big difference by doing this, but i’m doing what i can.

don’t know how many of you read Cassie’s blog?
every time i go there and read how she often ends her posts, i’m inspired.
it causes me to stop and ponder her little challenge to ‘Shine all your light’.
my light feels pretty small.
some days more so than i others.
but, i want to shine it when and where i can.
if that’s when i take the day to watch my neighbors grandbaby, 
or I’m cleaning a messy 4 year old girls bedroom over and over,
or when i stop at the Post office,
 or when i am scrubbing the floor,
 or when i’m crossing school children at the cross walk.
i want to shine all my light.

it’s so easy to look at what is our lot in life and feel like we can’t do much.
and, believe me, i’m in that place in my head often.
but, when i look at the glass as half empty instead of half full, that’s how i see life.

the lot that is mine finds me home alot.
it finds me busy with housework, and children and such.
and, i love it, really i do.
but, there are certainly days when it feels like i’m not making much of a difference.
that’s when i think i’m comparing my light shining abilities with someone else’s.
silly me!

and, if i’m not willing to make a difference where i’m at with what is mine, why would God give me what i think would be more difference making?
it goes right along with the thing of “He who is faithful in what is least is faithful also in much” from Luke 16.

someday, i will be but a speck of dirt.
but, while i’m here, i want to be faithful with the least and the much.
i want to be a little light, shining where i can.
when i can.
how He has made me able.


ps. and, if you come down our street some school morning before 8:35 am when i’m on duty, i promise to cross you safely!


29 thoughts on “Thursday May 12, 2011

  1. Awesome!  I’m excited for you 🙂  Being faithful in the everyday things is what our Christian walk is all about.  Faithful in little leads to faithful in much.  I think you have a big beautiful light!   I seriously want to see pictures of the  “little ol’ Mennonite preachers wife standing in the middle of the intersection stopping traffic to cross children wearing her florescent green vest and photo id badge”  I’m smiling just thinking about it!

  2. Oooo I really do want to see a picture of you in your bright green vest when you start your new adventure! : ) I can totally picture you doing it. The thing that kinda makes me chuckle is a mental picture of you with a whistle in your mouth and your hands out stopping traffic all the while trying to have a serious look on your face. I just can’t imagine that cute face of yours trying to be serious! LOL Sorry… hee hee. I like that you’re getting out there in your community! That’s something I’ve really been thinking about a lot lately. Finding a soup kitchen or something….

  3. It’s all about letting our lights shine. Amen. I often wonder how some of us can feel nearly overwhelmed with the needs around us, while others never seem to notice. But about the time I’m checking out their lights, I notice mine just got a little dimmer. 

  4. i did not laugh but i did smile 😉 especially when you painted the picture you did 😉 i wish that I was in your town so that I could see you at work! a crossing gaurd is a very important job. When i was young I was the bus patrol person and responsible for keeping the kids inline on the bus (i believe i was in grade 6) and also helping them safely cross in front of the bus. I love what you said about shining your light…its so hard to sometimes make a difference (i feel) in the little things, but how we live our life in all the normal and non-normal moments are what makes us a witness, its so important to be concious of this 😉 thank you for that reminder, and I’m also checking out your friend’s blog!I was wondering what those white tubes with the balls hanging on them were, and then realized it was a game much like horseshoes..i believe i have seen it when i was at the trailer a couple of summers ago, some people had it set up on their lawn and the family was playing each other. it looked like a great time 😉 what is it called?

  5.  : )  I think that’s an amazing adventure….i didn’t know you were a preacher’s wife…(i know i haven’t been around here (on your blog) that long…what better place to start shining than around kiddos…I think they are so receptive to light… : )   have fun!!!

  6. I love this post. Love the thought of shining all your light…so often mine looks pretty dim. I didn’t know either, that you’re a preacher’s wife. 🙂 We have something in common. 😀  Happy Thursday!

  7. ooooh I’m gonna have to drive down one day and see you at work You will look cute for sure. I often notice and think about the crossing gaurds in our neighborhood, esp, on miserable days, when it’s rainy or cold. maybe I could take them hot chocolate, esp, that little mennonite one. 

  8. good job at shining right where you are! the whole photo id & background check is impressive for a crossing guard – i’m sure florescent green will look good on you : )

  9. Oh, I want to see you!  Please have someone take a picture!  I think it is so cool that you are getting involved like this.  Have fun with it. And I hope Thelma brings you hot chocolate. 😀

  10. about stopping the traffic rachel, howabout you just toss that green traffic cop vest and wear that ^^^ outfit you are are rockin up there! ha. now that should do it! and i too love cassie’s challenge and encouragement…and yours as well. @fruitloops115 – thelma, call me! 🙂 i want to be a part of visiting rachel at work! then we’ll go out for sushi…or something else if you’d prefer!

  11. Oh wow, I was so curious!! 🙂 And I think it is so NEAT that you are getting involved like that! Wow, what a neat way to get involved in the community, learn to know the kids and develop a relationship within your neighborhood! And how fun even for your younger children who aren’t in school yet! Really really cool! And I dare say you will be the most beautiful crossing guard ever seen. 🙂 Orange vest and all! That first picture of you with  your children is just gorgeous. YOU are just gorgeous. 🙂 Love your thoughts on shining your light… And the pictures go so perfectly with what you were talking about. Your post goes so much with what I’ve been thinking lately, about being faithful in what God has called me to, right now. Your one line really stuck out to me, “if i’m not willing to make a difference where i’m at with what is mine, why would God give me what i think would be more difference making?”Happy Weekending! 

  12. So true and I had to giggle a little at the picture, but what a great way to “shine your light” in the community.  I often think about that when I visit places in our little town and they know me by name.  Hoping that my life is pointing them to Jesus.

  13. The part I got a kick out of is that you are “substitute” crossing guard. I don’t know why that struck me funny?  I think just the whole job description made me smile.I loved what you shared about being faithful in little.  Because isn’t that often when and where God prepares us for the “bigger.” And I think you were the one who had posted before about “Who defines what is bigger or who is a hero anyway? Isn’t it about being faithful where we are?”And…maybe your light is shining farther than you think, what with being home a lot and all…because your light reaches ALL THE WAY to Northern, WI. And further.You go, girl!

  14. @appalolly – you will probably find it even funnier to know that i am employed by the police department in this venture.  no joke. the money’s not even some thing i’m concerned about tho…have no clue how much it pays, cuz i’m not in it for the money. but, it does sound funny, eh?!;O)

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