shifting seasons…

am i the only one who can hardly believe that this is the last day of the year 2015?! time just goes fast and faster, doesn’t it?


although the days and weeks and months and years march on, there is a constant pulling within my heart to seek out what God would have for me in each and every new day. some days, some weeks, this seems easier to discern than others. of course the demands and needs of my family determine a lot of my time and i know this is God’s plan for my life. some days, in all honesty, i’m more okay with that truth than i am on other days. 😉 i guess that would be a bit of growing weary in well-doing, right?


i’ve been thinking so often the last while of the seasons of life. how i’ve been in so many different seasons in the course of my life and how in some respects they are the same from year to year, but in other respects they are very, very different.

some seasons of my life have been longer than others. some have been more intense, some a little less.


it seems i was JUST in the season of newborn babies and changing diapers and nursing and no sleep. (truthfully i’m still in the season of little sleep, but that’s irrelevant.)

and, it seems like yesterday that we were in the season of being ‘new’ to Kansas and now, almost two years have gone by since we moved here.


i’ve been in seasons of  ‘pastors wife’ in years past, i’ve been in seasons of ‘familiar’ with friendships established and comfortable.

maybe it’s because i’m in a ‘season’ of unknown and unsure in so many ways, and trying to find my place as an almost 40 year old that these thoughts are forefront in my mind.


or, maybe it’s because the reality of seasons hits me anew because i’m taking a break from gardening which is one of my favorite pastimes.

i’m so enamored with how gardening is so seasonal, and how times of rest and reprieve are crucial to the whole process of gardening and growing.


i coaxed lettuce and kale along in my garden until well into the month of December and then suddenly it dawned on me that i needed a break from this thing that i love so much.

i needed to step back so that i wouldn’t become burnt out on something that i love.

i needed to step back so that i could plan and regroup for the next spring season.

i needed to give the earth pause so that it refreshes and renews.


it gives me pause to see how God has so divinely orchestrated each of the seasons of nature and how the seasons of my own life are not that different from this divine appointment.

while none of my seasons are as predictable as the way our four seasons run, they are in fact as real to me.

as we enter this new year of 2016, i am so excited to see where God takes me.


there are some big milestones on the calendar for me, for our marriage, and our family… and while those numbers make me feel a tad ‘old’ i’m more grateful and hopeful than anything.

i’m excited about some experiences we have planned, some travel we look forward to and i’m even very excited about the common and ordinary things that we will be doing in each of the coming seasons.

and, while i still wonder where and what God has for me as i try to find my way in this ‘season’ of life, i know i can trust Him with it.

because He is faithful.

so graciously faithful.


to 2016!







since it’s not Monday, i guess i can’t call this Miscellaneous Monday.

so, i’m going with etc.

this could also be the post titled ‘where the pictures are sort of blurry and the house is LIVED IN!’


so, this is basically a montage of things that don’t go together, but are worth mentioning none-the-less.

i’m frying hamburger for quesadillas for supper.

i like to add spinach into our diet whenever i can, and why not in a quesadilla?


i had my mom and sister and sister-in-law over for brunch yesterday.

nothing fancy; just a chance to get together.


it lightly snowed last night.

so peaceful.


Christmas is a week from tomorrow.

i finished my shopping up Tuesday, AND wrapped all the goodies last night after the kids were in bed.

yay me!

i’m still vascilating on the teacher gifts, but i’ve got a start on it:


i need to make peanut brittle, more caramel corn, and some pumpkin rolls yet before the holidays.

the kids watched Little House on the Prairie.

turns out, they’re kind of living that these days too.


this is the ‘island’ we made from the drawers of an old desk that was here, and an old barn door that one of my neighbors in PA gave to me.


i LOVE it.

so much.

it also accomplishes the dream i always had for my scale:


someday, the floor will be different in this room.

until then, linoleum lives on.

i am so not a fan.

but, little by little we will get to where we want to be in this house.


as circumstance would have it, i have a chicken tractor and 8 chickens on loan right now.

it’s such a simple thing, but i am SO excited to have them.

hopefully in the spring i will get my own flock and have them somewhere else, but for now, this is perfection.


this is called: ‘smile for me so i can send a picture back East!’

always a good time:


this post could also be called: ‘why i won’t be using my 18-55mm lens anymore.’

what a mess of blur.

my amazon wishlist has an alternative option on it, but alas, i’ll be saving my change for a ‘leetle’ while yet. =)

it’s time to go to the ‘listen and do’ program at the library.

be back soon.