(thanks to inspiration from this blogger, i’m trying this format today…)


these days i am….


Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life by Barbara Kingsolver. To me, it is a fascinating look at awareness on where our foods come from and how we can be intentional about making choices today that will leave a positive impact on the coming generations.


(^there was much anticipation and excitement around the arrival of two miniature donkeys. i think they are so cute!)


Two little birds outside my kitchen window the last few days. And, my chickens just out from the kitchen as they peck and scratch and peck and scratch some more.


To get rid of this cough that has plagued me for the last two weeks. Compared to lying on the couch most of last Monday, I’m great, but it’s still really annoying.



I had a chicken carcass in the crockpot overnight, so today I’ll be making a big pot of chicken noodle soup. It is a chilly, cloudy and (of course) windy day here, so it’s most definitely a ‘soup day’ in my opinion.


Nothing today. Yesterday I did 10 loaves of bread, so the oven can take a break today. Me too.


We had a coffee cake for breakfast. Especially delicious because someone else made it for us!


Two cups of coffee as soon as I rolled out of bed, and then water to try and stop coughing. I made a large batch of garden tea concentrate yesterday, so we have that in the fridge right now too. So refreshing!



Today, probably not making phone calls. Yesterday I made several calls and that is not the norm for me. I talked on the phone with one of my dearest friends in PA that I miss So much. That hour and a half of time was like balm to my soul.


All things gardening and chickens. I have several ideas forming in my head for a chicken project and i do not tire of gardening ideas. Ever.



Really? No, I seriously question the necessity of facebook in my life that another social media outlet holds zero interest to me.


Ha. I have good intentions for several pieces of fabric sitting on my desk, but the days are just not long enough. Or else my interests and to-do lists are just too long…


Nowhere today if I can help it.


This beautiful time of the year and the wonderful rains God has recently blessed us with. The outside world is so lush and green right now, and my garden is absolutely exploding with beauty.



That something can so easily be made from nothing. If you are willing to put the sweat equity into it anyhow.


These days of summer vacation with the kids home. Having no schedule is a nice change from the past several months.



Mulching the garden this week. And, planting sweet potatoes too, I hope.


Plans for this coming holiday weekend. Hoping we can squeeze in some fun amidst the work that needs done around here.


Maybe nothing ‘big’ right now, but being grateful for health and life and these four children and my faithful husband. Everyday is certainly worth celebrating God’s goodness to me.


And, lastly, I’m so thankful for imaginative play and the great outdoors for these kids to explore.

Here’s to more forts and fewer fights this summer!!








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