you know how when you’re in the middle of blogging and life has to happen around you at the same time?

strike that, reverse it.

truth be told, i’m in the middle of LIFE and IF blogging happens; BONUS!!


(a storm on the horizon last Saturday night… followed by…)


(…a double rainbow.)

because last weekend was a short getaway for our 14th (belated) anniversary, and i have been in the middle of working outside when the weather allows, and the never-ending loads of laundry and the three meals a day that a family requires, my earlier stated giveaway for this week is going to have to be postponed.

not cancelled; postponed.

and, that’s okay.

for me anyhow. 😉

yesterday was an epic day of exchanging plants with ladies in the little community we live in, and then working outside a bit in the afternoon in my developing gardens.

it was followed by a night of sleeplessness thanks to the littlest sister being up three times with a stuffy, runny nose and in general not feeling right.

it’s one thing to have to get up in the night with the kids, but it’s a whole other thing to not be able to go back to sleep for a LONG TIME after being up.

so, today is not the ‘get-this-house-in-order-day’ that i had envisioned.

it’s more the ‘do-what-ever-you-want-kids,’ day.

(proud mom moment, indeed.)

but, that’s okay too.

i did manage to get two of Brent’s kindergarten lessons done, a load of wash run thru and started a movie for the little ones, and gave them a snack so i could sit here for a few.

i can already tell there’s going to be coffee in my afternoon.

i’m looking forward to a weekend at home and working more outside and somehow, getting this house in order.

maybe a few yard sales and a starbucks coffee will get thrown in there somewhere too.

somewhere in the middle of LIFE happening.

so, for now…all the wishes.


for a good night of sleep tonight for one thing.

happy Thursday, and i WILL be back with a giveaway.





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