weekend random…

you know how when you’re supposed to be doing something and it’s a dreary, rainy morning and you’ve already had two big cups of coffee, and your kids are licking giant lollipops on the sofa while watching ‘Doc McStuffin’, and you really need to get back to the business at hand, but you’re just sort of messing around and avoiding the matter at hand, so you decide it would be a good time to throw out a little blog post?

(hashtag long-winded, bunny-trail sentence.)

welcome to that moment.

and, since this is all-over the map random, i’ll keep the pictures consistent with that theme….

this recipe has become a favorite in our household….


the fruit trees in our small orchard have given us their flowery show…


the currant bushes growing alongside my Potting Shed are pretty and the fragrance is spicey-sweet…


kids need dirt to grow, right?!


this dog that we love….but sometimes i really don’t.

like when she’s demolished my plant from the front porch or when she’s chewing on the wicker chairs, or when she’s running down the chicken that escaped…


but, for real….

as much joy and enthusiasm as she brings to my oldest son’s life, i cannot stay mad at her for too long. and, you gotta admit; she’s really quite a handsome looking dog.


someone turned 6 last week.

it was a pretty good day if i do say so myself.

like every other mother out there; i wonder how it can be that my sweet boy is growing up so fast.


take it from me; if you buy the little set of ‘happy birthday’ candles at Target, make sure you have ALL of the letters in the pack BEFORE you take them home and start putting them into your sons birthday cake.

or else, you might end up with ‘happy birhday’.

so, we went with happy bday and 6 yellow candles and called it good.

he won’t remember, but it bugged his mother who does not like things misspelled.


and, in case you wondered, the sun is most definitely still giving us beautiful shows as it rises and sets out here on the prairie.


and, since so much of my life revolves around food, i will give you this main dish that we love…

a pair of finches have claimed my porch wreath for their home…


i hope you have a wonderful weekend!



turns out this is my 150th blog post on this little space, so, how about a giveaway next week because of that?!

see you then!



3 thoughts on “weekend random…

  1. The blooms on your trees are gorgeous! We are no where near that close to “real Spring!” 🙂

    The dog thing, oh do I ever feel your pain. Ours is outback destroying something, I”m sure!

  2. that first pic-yum!!
    and the kids in the dirt- love.
    and dogs and chewing things?
    oh, man!! solidarity!!!!! 🙌

    happy weekending, girl.

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