miscellaneous Monday…

the puppy that is Joice, and how much she is loved by all…


if you follow me on instagram, you might recognize my hashtag Kate takes anything she can…

she is a little squirt.

and then some.

19-IMG_6744 18-IMG_6743 17-IMG_6742 16-IMG_6740 15-IMG_6739 14-IMG_6738 13-IMG_673530-IMG_6767 29-IMG_6764 28-IMG_6763 27-IMG_6761 26-IMG_6759 25-IMG_675734-IMG_678533-IMG_6782

Brent’s bunnies…


a few weeks ago when these two were traipsing out to play…


fog on the farm…

35-IMG_684838-IMG_6853 37-IMG_6849

trying to get everyone to look my way, AND smile, AND open their eyes…

ha ha.

09-IMG_6570 08-IMG_6561 07-IMG_6554

in two weeks he is going to be 6.


slow down time, slow down.


i’m realizing that this one is the most cooperative when it comes to taking the kids pictures.

well, sort of.

she’s at least the slowest to get away from me.

i’ll take what i can…

43-IMG_688841-IMG_6883 40-IMG_6878 39-IMG_687442-IMG_6886

this boy of ours does like basketball. and, cowboy boots. it’s high time i find him another pair of boots, don’t you think?


Brent is working hard on his kindergarten work…


littlest sister doesn’t like to be left out. of anything.


this girl….she’s not a mushy-gushy kind of person. but, when she says something, you know she means it.

unbeknownst to me, she was making me a card in this picture.

i will treasure it forever.


and, that’ll do it for today.

the kids are back to school after having last week off.

we’re all in ‘get back to routine’ mode today.

have a great Monday!





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