Miscellaneous Monday…

it’s been a long time since i’ve done Miscellaneous Monday, so, yay me.

it’s actually Monday and i’m pulling it off.


i’ll start with a weather report from the plains:

it was 75° here yesterday with clear blue skies and very little wind.

in other words; perfection for February 8.

today started out sunny and crisp, and it was the strangest thing; around 8:45 am, fog rolled in and it was unreal. visibility was less than a quarter mile, but it was so pretty.

i actually like the grey, foggy, and dreary days.



i think there’s so much beauty in the midst of the grey.


Ava’s class had a ‘Little House on the Prairie’ thing at school two weeks ago.

she was totally into it.



we kept the whole thing pretty simple really; a pair of leather, lace-up shoes, a vintage apron and sunbonnet paired with a rag doll, braids and a basket instead of her usual lunchbox.


it was the cutest thing.


not to be left out, the littlest sister took her turn with the bonnet.

this girl….


you just can’t imagine how much personality she has.




her outfit the afternoon we were snapping these pictures was…colorful?



definitely matches her personality.

but, as i said before, i see so much beauty in the grey too…



Seth was super excited about last weeks ‘crazy hair day’ in his class.


seeing him be into the spirit of this day was such a big moment for me.

to see him ‘find his place’ brings happy, grateful tears to my eyes.

he is such a great kid.

and, next week he turns 11???

slow down time, slow down.


along with these recent days of warm weather, there’s been much outdoor play happening here.



the kids are home from school and i really need to start supper.


see the beauty in the grey days.








2 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Monday…

  1. the fog is so pretty! and darling little house on the praire girls~ can’t believe your oldest will be 11! woah!! almost a teen. sorry for that reminder your baby’s growing up ;)) but the teen years are so great too.

    happy wednesday there. xo

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