Miscellaneous Monday…


^^the fog was gorgeous here two weeks ago. these two running around the pasture and barnyard is so fun to watch.^^

you know in the movie ‘Marley and Me’, where John Grogan is talking non-stop telling the story of how their life was playing out over the course of a decent span of time and he’s just talking on and on and interjecting little things that were significant and also pertaining to Marley?


^^Seth’s  puppy Joice.^^



i feel like that is how i could post right now after how the last few months of our life have gone.

i could tell you many, many things that went down and pertained to us.

so many in fact, that i’m not really sure where to start and where to stop.


^^from when my dear friend Kathryn was here and met my Katherine. my two favorites with that name ♥^^


two weeks or so ago, i received an email notification that someone had left a comment on a blog post.

obviously, my being away from my blog for so long hasn’t exactly led to an onslaught of comments, so i was pleasantly surprised when i saw i actually had a comment!

someone read my blog???

someone read my blog!!!

i went back and reread the post that the comment was on, and funny thing…

i’m still in that place where i wonder why i blog, and yet not ready to give it up, still wishing i had more time for it.

and, i’m obviously still in the place where the quickest, easiest way for me to blog is by ramblings and Miscellaneous.

when i woke up this morning i had grand ideals of writing some thank you notes, working on organizing pictures both on my computer and camera and taking time to write a nice decent blog post.

as it turns out, i have:

rigged up a decent pen out in the barn for the escaping puppy that was standing at the back door when we went to take school children to school…

washed the dishes in the sink from last nights popcorn and movie night and this mornings breakfast…

started a load of laundry…

ran to my mom’s and got a hydrangea bush i then brought home and planted in the flowerbed along with repotting two dwarf spruce trees in pots beside the front porch…

hung out two loads of laundry…

fixed lunch…

organized the medicine cabinet contents…

washed more clothes…

enlisted the husband to help kill a bull snake in the backyard that i almost stepped on…

dusted and straightened the living room…

and, now sitting here for a few minutes before i go pick up previously mentioned school children.

so much for catching up on the computer and decent blog posts.

this will have to do for now.


^^Brent running by in a blur the other night when the sky was out of this world pretty.^^


i do intend to post some house pictures soon.

we are absolutely LOVING being here on our homestead.

loving it.


^^no filter.^^





4 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Monday…

  1. Aww so good to hear from you again. When you have the time, I would love to browse every photo you feel like posting of your house and farm! 🙂 Hope you have a smashing week!

  2. Mindi says:

    I was excited to see that you posted! I love the little glimpses in… but it’s just left me wishing for more! Hoping we could catch up again soon!!

  3. It’s so great to see you blogging again! You don’t owe us anything, but it feels super special to be able to see a glimpse of your “new” life 🙂 as well as hear about the Homestead Remodel. I cannot wait to see more pictures of that! I know you’ll do an amazing job . xoxo

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