Miscellaneous Monday, iPhone edition…

last night on the way to some (new) friends house, Ava noticed a deer out in the field and, so, (and I quote my husband) ‘let’s enjoy the little things’ and we turned around and went back to have a closer look.

turns out, this deer was out in the grasslands with her triplets.

it really was the ‘little things’ as we watched those three babies race off with their mother.

this picture of Tim…i kind of (really) like it.

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we picked enough green beans the other day for supper.

they were some kind of delicious with bacon grease drizzled over them, seasoned with italian herbs and Lawry’s.

my mom wondered if i mentioned to my kids how we used to pick green beans by the 5 gallon bucket full.

i decided i would wait to do that until we are doing that ourselves and then use it to tell a tale from yore, and then it’ll be all fascinating and amazing.

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Processed with VSCOcam with t2 preset

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facetime is a pretty great thing, you know that?

i kind of forget about such things now that i’m near all the people i used to facetime with.

things like that ease the separation of being so far from friends that i miss very much.

that, and letter writing and phone calls and facebook and text messaging.

we really do live in an age when communication is so convenient.

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sometimes, when you’re on the way to the grocery store by yourself, you get sidetracked and end up at an auction with your sisters.

or, maybe that doesn’t happen to other people?

either way, that was the case on Saturday.

i love, love, LOVE auctions.

even if i don’t buy much, or anything, i just love going to auctions.

my only purchase Saturday was a Frankoma cookie jar for $2.50

it’s one of my goals for this Monday is to fill it up with chocolate chip cookies.

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last week, the kids and i ended up at the greenhouse during a thunderstorm.

which, led to this silly selfie:

Processed with VSCOcam with t2 preset

it’s 8:05am, the kids are still sleeping and i need to get the laundry started.

i hope your Monday is wonderful.

photo 2(5)

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6 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Monday, iPhone edition…

  1. I’m so happy that you are able to get sidetracked with your sisters. and auctions….Love them too!
    Love all your iphone pics….Happy Monday to you.

  2. I very much enjoyed the post! Love all the pictures. Great auction purchase, it’s just the type of thing I would also buy. 🙂 Love the story about the deer with triplets, and the selfie made me laugh out loud. HUGS.

  3. I have really missed everyone’s beautiful photography. Loved catching up with you today. Lots of lovely going on. We also picked our first batch of green beans and drizzled them with bacon grease and yum!!

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