once upon a time…

when i switched from my own dot com to this here free blog, i had all my pictures and everything just as they always were over at my old blog.

and, then, poof.

they’re gone.

i’m not so happy about that.

nor am i either patient or tech-savvy enough to try and deal with that at the moment.

i still have all the pictures on my computer and external hard drive, but here at little house, they’re MIA.

so, this morning, i was looking through some pictures from the recent past, and thought i’d post a few.

once upon a time…

these kids of ours…



from the day we arrived here in Kansas….


i look at these pictures now and so many memories and emotions overwhelm my mind. that day when we drove into my parents farm and watched our friends pull in with the semi and all our earthly belongings…and then we sat at my parents supper table and i looked around that table filled with some of the dearest people in my life…


that time we went to my dad’s hay field to fly kites. i just love this folder of pictures. i might have to repost them all…



from the day we first went to see our (soon to be) property.  we are anxious to be there and enjoy all that it entails….in time.



that time when my daughter realized she could climb trees and when she was (always) wearing the necklace she made with her BFF in Pennsylvania…



that time we stopped at the courthouse on Easter Sunday to snap some pictures and Seth  got this picture of us…



when we were at my nieces first birthday party and my sister made this darling cupcake flowerpot…



we went mini-golfing with (new) friends and my brother and his family, and there we stood, the oldest girl and the youngest boy with our youngest girl and youngest boy…



it was my dad’s birthday, and so i took the kids out to the field to tell him happy birthday and we watched him plant corn…



we found a ‘hillbilly golf game’ at a yard sale for $1 and we’ve had fun playing it in the backyard with the kids…



Brent and his cousin had a sleepover and were up with the sun and too cute for anything…



all the big kids were making bracelets and necklaces with beads, and the littlest sister wasn’t going to be left out!



the sunset the other night was magical.  i just wish i would have grabbed my real camera instead of just my phone…



it’s the weekend, right?

have a good one!




3 thoughts on “once upon a time…

  1. What in the world? I remember seeing that all your previous blog posts had moved over, and now they’re gone?! That would be so. SO. frustrating. 😦 I’m so sorry.

    I just love seeing all your pictures, your “new” life on the Kansas plains, your time with your family. Such preciousness. xoxo

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