Miscellaneous Monday…

God is a God of order.


but, He is also a God of repetition, and routine.

He makes the sun to rise and set, the seasons to change.

He gives life and breath and takes life and breath.

And, through it all, His love is unchanging.

which gives me so much courage.


today started out with a mess across the house from the day before when we all went to bed sweaty and tired with no electricity.

first thing at breakfast, we had a huge bowl of shredded wheat with milk dumped all over the floor, followed 1o minutes later by a large glass of ice water dumped across the table and onto the floor as well.

i wish i could tell you i just silently wiped the spills up and went about the next thing without a disgusted thought.

but, i can’t.

after the whole breakfast fiasco was over, it was on to washing dishes and making beds for me and flashlight dancing in the dark basement for the kids while i sorted laundry and thought about how much, how VERY much of my life is doing the same thing over and over and then, over again.

i get tired of it.

weary in fact.

but, as i wallowed in self-pity for a few minutes, it struck me again how God does the same things every day and has for all of time and yet!

His love is the same.

i mess up; He loves me.

i embrace victorious living and truth; He loves me.

day in and day out.

sunrise to sunset.


from Ephesians 5….

//”be ye therefore imitators of God, as beloved children; and walk in love, even as Christ also loved you, and gave himself up for us…”//

being a Christ imitator is not an easy task.

when my dad was here yesterday he mentioned this verse in the context of earthly fathers being imitated by their children to some extent and how we won’t get it all right.

and, it’s true.

i don’t.

most days i’m not sure i get *anything* right.

and, i know i sure don’t get the whole ‘loving no matter what’ thing down-pat.

right now,  this Monday has nearly played itself out.

we’re still striving along.

the washer is still running and the clothes are still stacking up on the table around me.

there’s  two toddlers sleeping and two big kids reading for a brief quiet time.

there’s a snack to be eaten soon, and a daddy to greet after he’s off of work.

there’s supper to be made and toys to be picked up.

and, in all of this….

in all this mundane, routine repetition, there is love to give and get and go around.

tomorrow is a new day and it’ll be more of the same, but all new and different at the same time.

i need to….

embrace it.







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