welcome to the new digs…


i know, i know.

she’s changed her blog space *again*.

trust me, after the amount of time i have spent on the phone and computer trying to figure out what to do with this whole blogging deal, i have NO intention of changing blog spaces again ANYTIME soon!

having my own dot com was fun and soo nice in many ways.

but, it came down to not really being able to justify the cost anymore.


here we are doing the wordpress thing for free! =)

free is good.

real good.

moving on….

it’s a gloriously rainy day here in Kansas.

gentle, earth-soaking, much-needed, rain.

it’s the kind of day where you just want to curl up and read a book and drink coffee.

instead, i’ve spent most of the morning working at the computer.

ah well.


a few photos from the recent past…

one windy evening, the kids spent probably an hour or more jumping off the roof of this toy car…


it’s so fun to watch them delight in simple pleasures.


this boy.

he is so intense.

so very, very giving and thoughtful too.



who doesn’t remember building forts with blankets draped over the clothesline?



my little salad maker.

it is SO fun having her help me with things in the kitchen!



this little girl is going to be 2 next month?!

how is that possible!?!?!



the evening shadows…



when i tell the hubs that we should just jump in the van and drive west to see the countryside and we get to the middle of nowhere and get out the van to take pictures just because.



and, when i take yet another picture of the grain elevators out here and still marvel at the way the West came to be…



and, while yes, i am loving my early morning sunrise runs, the sunsets out here are nothing to sneeze at either.



there is beauty everywhere, in every thing.

we just have to look and see and behold.


happy Monday!




4 thoughts on “welcome to the new digs…

  1. I love your new little space..and it’s name.
    Okay…so Kate is going to be two and her baby gift is still in my “to be mailed” cabinet! Along with some little things I bought you two summers ago…I am so horrible! One day, one day you will get a surprise package in the mail!

    How beautiful it is where you live.
    All your photos…ahhh, just gorgeous.
    Happy Monday to you my lovely friend that I miss and wished moved to Illinois instead of waaaaaaay out west…but whatever. 😉

  2. shellynissley says:

    Rachel, I love the way you are embracing and finding beauty in all the recent changes. While I can only imagine how wonderful it would be to live near family, I also know how much beauty and how many friends you left behind here . . . but like I said (like YOU said in this post) there really and truly IS beauty EVERYWHERE!! Looking for it and celebrating it makes us know how rich we are~ wherever we find ourselves!

  3. Oh that last picture! Makes me almost wish I was a morning runner (I hate running) but I think I would if I could run with you on the Kansas plains 🙂 I really cannot believe that Kate will be two!!?? You were pregnant with her the last time I saw you in real life! Love the new space… welcome to WordPress!

  4. I love your new space, and I’m happy to hear that the blog has only moved, not closed down! I so enjoy being able to keep up with you a bit on here… Your words are true and beautiful and real, and I look forward to hearing more from the little house blog! xo

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