on blogging…

sometimes, blogging and me go together like….
oil and water?
there are so many times when i think i should just terminate this ol’ blog.
and, then, i think that would be a real shame.
i’m not saying this to garner sympathetic ‘oh, noooo! don’t quit blogging!’ from any of you.
it’s just where it’s at sometimes.
maybe it’s like falling off a horse; if you don’t immediately get back on the horses back, you will always fear riding again.
or, maybe it’s just that i need to actually *make* time for blogging and the more i do it, the more natural it will feel.
or something like that.
i’m also guessing that blogging can be much like a lot of other areas of life; we feel we don’t have anything to give, so why bother.
all lies.
so maybe i don’t have to give what i wish i did, but it doesn’t mean what i do have is of no worth.
maybe what you have to give is not what you wish, but it IS worth something to someone else.
if i’m preaching to the choir?
yes, i am.
so, in my state of ‘what should i do with my blog?’ i am trying to come up with things to actually post about.
things besides….we had a birthday and a weekend and went to a coffee shop.
those things are fine and i’m sure i will still post about them, but it feels like there should be more to this blog than that.
it feels like, as with the rest of my/our lives, we are at a new place, a new beginning and i’m wishing to make the most of these opportunities.
i don’t know.
i’m searching for ideas online, and if you have suggestions, i would LOVE that!
in the meantime…
happy day to you!


8 thoughts on “on blogging…

  1. Blogging has changed, I think, because “blogging” as a business seems to have taken off. People who do that have twitter, instagram, FB accounts all for marketing and popularizing their blog. On xanga I wrote honestly and light heartedly about my days and the ladies who responded to that were truly online friends, not fans, whom I could relate to…..moving off xanga and into a different platform has changed our readership, and I don’t have the desire to work on making my blog stand out, I want it to be what it has always been, a way for me to write about what makes me happy!!! But how can we “compete” with the ones who are trying so hard on their social media popularity? Therefore, a lesser number of readers AND comments (I miss comments!)
    It helps me to think about WHY I blog and that is what it boils down to, as a memory preserver for my family, more than an audience pleaser, although I DO want to continue attracting like-minded friends!
    Wow, I guess I wrote you a nice long letter, Rachel. šŸ˜‰

    • Rachel says:

      what you said Shanda!! YES!!! i’m so glad you did write me this ‘letter’ because what you said resonates with me so much. and, as you said, i miss the comments also. however, i am more guilty than i wish of not taking the time to comment like i used to….i really want to do better with that also.
      again, thank you so much for your comment!
      happy Monday!

  2. Oh, my. Yes, to what Shanda wrote!

    I would love to hear more about your move–what your new life looks like in KS, what’s different/same as PA. What you learned about friendships when you moved. Actually that’s a conversation I’d enjoy. I think moving brings things to the surface sometimes and helps us realize what we had, but it’s also such a good time of starting fresh–emotionally and physically in our homes. And I think you’re living in sort of a transition stage right now, right? That is always a juggling act. šŸ™‚

    • Rachel says:

      Christy…a conversation would be lovely on these things for sure! likely though? not very. =( so…maybe i shall attempt to blog on some of these things… as much as i can. there is much i ‘could’ say, but cannot at this point for a variety of reasons.

  3. Hi Rachel,
    I followed you over here from Liz’s baby post tonight.
    You have moved to Kansas, your kids have grown up, and you still take beautiful pictures.
    This post resonates very much with me. I still really want to write, but it’s like the heart is gone, somehow. My new blog on wordpress is pretty much of a joke. But I still think of blogging often. I attempt it. I do it occasionally.
    -Blessings to you! ā¤

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