word for the year….

(two things before the subject matter: i tried something new with my camera this morning. please bare with me as i have no idea what i’m doing. πŸ˜‰ and, this post does have a bit of a rambling to it. again, bare with me.)

i’ve never actually proclaimed any ‘word for the year’ before.
and, i nearly feel silly doing so now.
and, yet, i don’t.
the other night i was lying in bed trying to sleep and thinking of all the change coming down the pipe for us and of all the dear souls here that i’m going to miss and it was really overwhelming.
as i said last time i posted, there are still a lot of unknowns in how thing are going to work out in this new venture we are on the brink of.
one of the major ones being housing.
and, now that we have a deadline for that, the crunch feels especially real.
i’ve been reminding myself often that God is ‘in this and behind and before us’ as we go along.
and, sometimes it works better than others. πŸ˜‰
HOPE has definitely taken on a new form for us in this past year.
that would be a good word for the year too.
but, as i was thinking all those thoughts the other night, from nowhere, and yet from Someone, came the word EMBRACE.
to ‘take in and clasp; to accept gladly; to avail oneself to’.
which feels both necessary and yet o-so-scary.
it requires so much trust for me to embrace the unknown.
it makes me want to live fully here while our time in this area is drawing to a close.
i think God tends to work in my life in cycles and brings me the same lessons in different formats.
like this lesson of ‘letting people know what they mean to me while i can’.
all through the Christmas season, the Matthew West song ‘The Heart of Christmas’ was ‘my’ song.
and, as i’ve only gone a little over a week into this new year, i know God is showing me this lesson over and again;
life is short, people are precious and we only regret the things we don’t do to let others know we love them.
and, while sometimes putting myself out there feels silly and misunderstood, i know regret will not come from doing what is right and redemptive.
the moments.
the people.
the change.
the adventure.
it’s huge for me to say ‘this is my word’ because what if…..
what if God brings me to places where i can’t immediately embrace what He gives?
what if circumstances are harder than i want and embracing causes more pain?
what if….
there’s so many places i could go with that.
so many places within myself.
and, therein lies the problem.
if i EMBRACE Christ in me, the hope of glory, while it is truly a mystery to my mortal mind, i know i can say to these mountains ‘be moved’ and He will intercede for me. (Colossians 1:27, Mark 11:23).
those are really humbling promises and words to claim for my life.
and, really powerful.
as i go into this New Year, with many unknowns and many exciting and scary and crazy things before me and before us, i want to EMBRACE them.
to embrace people and moments and places and truths and HOPE.
it is certainly an adventure, but then again, when you put your Trust in a God of wonder, it’s bound to be an adventure, right?
feel free to let me know here if you are claiming a ‘word for the year’ in your life.
it’s the weekend.
the kids have friends coming over tonight.
Tim’s studying to preach his last sermon.
i’ll be thinking through and cleaning out more of the junk in our home.
and, cooking and baking.
always those two things.
happy weekend, friends!!


8 thoughts on “word for the year….

  1. hugs and a warm “embrace” from my heart to yours. With God, we can weather the storms/challenges of life. This was good for me to read. I don’t have a word for the year this year. yet. =) I’m still trying to get my “new years” cards to mail themselves. I stay about 10 steps behind. =( Happy weekend to you beautiful Rachel!

  2. I like Hope and may steal it as my word for the year. πŸ˜€

    I also HOPE that the changes you have coming up will be easy to embrace, but I have no doubt that you will even if they are not.

  3. I keep thinking and thinking on this word of the year thing… I know last years word was Survive, and I want something better for this year but it just hasn’t hit me yet.
    Hugs and prayers for you that in the middle of all the mumble jumble of moving, you’ll be able to embrace each and every thing that comes.

  4. These pictures are DREAMY!
    And they fit the word so well… embrace. That is so beautiful. It has to do with softness, and trust, and grace, all in one. And I see that in you.
    My word for the year is still being thought through. I don’t to just pick a word; I want it to be real, not put on. We’ll see. πŸ™‚
    Thinking of you so much… xo

  5. Victoria says:

    I wish we could sit down and talk! I have never even considered doing a word of the year before, but along came Jan 2, 14 and God VERY clearly told me my word was EMBRACE. I am also facing some changes and I know life is going to shift and turn a bit this year. Not as dramatic as your move but big changes for us non the less. Thank you for sharing. I do hope you keep up your blog from Kansas your writing always speaks to me.

  6. these pictures are breathtaking – even though I live at the North Pole I never really tire of airy, beautiful snow pictures. just so peaceful~

    and your word of the year? Mmm.. that just resonates with me. I get it.

    love your heart. your desire to honor God in every season and change and joy and trial. blessed to do life with you and cheer each other in this journey.

    wish I were closer to help you pack. actually, that’s a lie- I suck at packing!!! but I would stop by w a Starbucks so you could have a lite break!! ;))

    thinking of you w what all is ahead in these upcoming days.

    much love ~

  7. I love your word! Embrace. It’s so easy to let the words, cower, resist, or wrestle seep into our lives… but embrace seems like such a perfect place of rest and peace.

    Praying for you and your family Rachel as you get ready for this great adventure!

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