Christmas past…

Santa came to town last Saturday…

little glimpses of Christmas in my antique cabinet…

Grandma O always gives the kids new pajama’s for Christmas…

a Christmas sunset that did not stop…

and, from our family to you and yours…
Beachy Christmas 2013

this time next week, we’ll be in a New Year.
enjoy what’s left of 2013!


9 thoughts on “Christmas past…

  1. Rachel your house is so inviting and warm! The kind of place you can curl up and breath a deep, happy sigh. And your children are being raised in such a beautiful way! Such wonderful, foundation-building memories!

    Love, LOVE that picture of Kate getting her sucker! The look on her face makes me laugh! If ever I’m in a bad mood I’m just going to look at that picture 🙂 Happy New Year friend! And what a year it will be!

  2. Gorgeous pictures! I’ve seen a couple skies like that and they were so memorable, what a gift to see one at Christmastime.
    LOVE the kids’ pajamas! And your cupboard is just what I love, dishes and sweet things tucked along beside them.
    Merry Christmas!

  3. Your cabinet and old dishes!!!! That is just gorgeous, and I love the touches of live greenery in there with them. It is magazine worthy. 😉
    New pajamas for Christmas were gifted by my mom too. I love special traditions like that.

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