black and white and tips and tricks….

with a post title like that, this could go anywhere, right?
i’m glad we got that straight, because this post more than likely will go exactly there.
this morning started out at 5:09 and i saw my husband heading down the stairs and off to the gym.
and, then, i woke with a start at 6:45 when i saw him coming back up the stairs from being gone and back home again and i had totally slept like a log for that hours plus.
i jumped out of bed and stumbled down the hall to brush my teeth and then it was mach 10 from that point on until now.
some days i let myself have little pity parties about how i cannot even get out of bed and take care of myself before i start meeting the needs of the little people in my life.
and, other days, i don’t let myself do that.
today, i started it out that way a little bit and then i decided to knock it off and roll with it.
one thing about taking pictures of anything and everything in our lives is that when i go back and look at the pictures, i could just cry at how really wonderful our life is.
not that it’s all Pollyanna-perfect.
oh, no.
not even close.
it’s like i told one of my friends recently that ‘behind every Instagram picture, there is a bigger story’.
like that day i posted a picture of my kids making candies?
that was the day i awoke with the mother of all migraines and was so sick that i sat in my chair with a bowl at my side because i thought i was going to throw up.
or, that day when i posted a picture of Ava wrapping presents?
oh, yes. that was the day my husband was home sick with an ear infection.
so, yes.
there’s always more to the story than initially meets the eyes.
and you know what?
sometimes i think it is okay to tell the rest, and sometimes, i just flat out want to forget it because in the grand scheme of things, it is really just the small stuff.
so, anyway.
back to how i could just cry over how our life is?
i look at these pictures of our kids and i realize that they are some of the best things that have ever happened to me and even though there are days when they drive me to distraction, i have been given so much more, so very much more than i deserve.
(which, i intend to post more on the subject of deserving and what we get at another time.)

moving on.
i don’t profess to have a lot of great tips and tricks up my sleeves, but these few are so great that i just have to share them.

soup greens.
seriously, the best thing in the bulk food department at our grocery store.
i make a lot of soups around here, but i have to admit one of my least favorite parts about making soup is all the chopping of vegetables.
so, when i discovered this little tub of wonder, i was thrilled!
and, all that’s in here is dehydrated carrots, celery, onion, tomato, red and green pepper and spinach.
check your grocery store for them and you will not be sorry!

vitamin containers.
i am pretty determined to get vitamins into my kids.
and, thankfully, they make some pretty good tasting ones so that it’s not really a chore for them to have to take them everyday.
but, i did get tired of the everyday doling them out.
so, one time when i was at the grocery store, i asked the pharmacist if he could point me in the direction of those little day-of-the-week dispensers.
and, lo and behold, he told me they could just give me how ever many i wanted!!
so now, each of the kids plus Tim and i have our own and once a week, i get one of the kids to fill each of theirs. it’s really just a simple little task, but it does save time in our every morning.

a Goodwill Christmas.
this year, i have purchased a fair amount of our Christmas gifts at the second hands stores.
and i am so delighted with that fact!
i’ve also let the kids get in on it and get a little something for one another this way.
they have been able to pick out some really nice stuff and spent a FRACTION of the price it would have cost to buy new.
i’m always happy when we can buy things second-hand, and for real. it is amazing the things you can find to gift this way. from clothing, to furniture, to dishes, to games and toys. it’s definitely worth checking the options before paying full price for new!

and, other glimpses of our everyday….
this was that day when the kids were making candies.
i am so proud of them; they did everything about making these little goodies except for putting them in and taking them out of the oven.
they were pretty happy with getting to help and when i told them that THEY made the candies and not me, they were all pretty pleased with themselves.

fun legging-clad girlies…

extra-math on the iPad…

the letters in his name…

the reason my kids are getting scotch tape in their Christmas stockings…
(their constant need of tape for projects is overwhelming and exhausts my tape supply continually. they will love their own rolls!)

little Christmas glimpses…
(yes, that’s lysol, and yes, we have had sickness.)

these two share the sweetest friendship…

i am cannot get enough reminders of this…

Pray a Latte`.

it’s only 6 more days til Christmas.
i’m almost ready.
Brent helped wrap a few things today.

tell me, are you ready for Christmas?
thank you for taking the time to stop in here and experience my little world.
a happy week (and almost the weekend!) to you!


7 thoughts on “black and white and tips and tricks….

  1. jennie zimmerman says:

    Totally enjoyed this peek into your life. What lovely pictures! I understand about having to meet the needs of all the little people before you barely wake up in the mornings! And I only have 2 kids so i’m sure you’re twice as unselfish as me. πŸ˜‰ Sorry about the sickness and migraines…hope all is well in time for Christmas!!

  2. LOVE this!
    I’ve missed your blog, and it’s lovely postings.
    The black and white snow pictures are astounding. So very very gorgeous.
    And the goodwill Christmas – I like that so much. There are such treasures to be found. πŸ™‚
    Happy happy Christmas to you and yours!

  3. Oh, where to start.
    How about with that adorable cash register! Love it!
    All your pictures are so pretty.
    I will agree with everyone else…scotch tape is a brilliant! idea! It’s right up there with band-aids!
    {I can’t stop using exclamation points in this post!..see!} πŸ™‚

    So right about pictures telling a bigger story. You never know what is going on in the background.
    Good or bad…like an ear infection.

    Enjoyed your Christmas-y, snowy post!
    Happy Weekend to you. XxOo

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