in our neck of the woods lately…

it’s snowing outside right now and i’m sitting on my ‘new’ chair under a cozy, handmade afghan that i bought at an estate sale. the two older kids just came in from playing in and eating snow. i drug myself outside long enough to snap some pictures and get good and cold, and called it good. while the snow is so beautiful and i do enjoy it, the older i get, the more i’d rather stay inside and experience the snow.

i have had such great intentions of blogging before now. but, life has been busy and hectic and filled with many good things, and i’ve chosen those over this. i should really write down all the things i think about that would make good subject matter for blog posts, because when i finally do come here to write, my mind goes blank.
so, i pull up my pictures and recall the things that filled our days in these past two weeks…
and, silly though it may be, i’ll start with my ‘new’ chair.
which, i am loving.
last week, i made a quick trip to one of the local second hand stores in search of some Christmas presents (which i found, by the way!!) and this vintage, golden colored chair CALLED OUT TO ME.
i texted a picture to my sister and her encouragement was ‘get it!’.
but, i kept thinking i shouldn’t.
and, so i didn’t.
but, then, i did.
i went back that same afternoon and made her mine.
i’m so happy with her!!
(her, of course is silly, i know. i’ll keep it to a minimum.)
i still think that i may well resell this beautiful piece, especially with our upcoming, cross-country move and the fact that ‘excess’ will not be overly possible.
but, for now, i’m very much enjoying this piece in my home.
Ava loves this chair too, and is begging me to relocate it from the living room to her bedroom.
we shall see.

the other thing that went down here since my last blog post was my girl turned 7.
she was more than a little happy with her ‘new’ American Girl Doll that we gave her.

and, then we had Thanksgiving.
it was just our family and Tim’s folks, but still we had a feast.
and, tried to make the table special and fancy.
i’m always so happy that my kids Enjoy the experience of a fancy dinner with the good dishes and goblets.
in the days that followed, i ate way more pie than i should have, but, running 2.5-3 miles cancels it out, thankfully.
and, this is a random insert, but, i have come to terms with the fact that no matter when, or where, or whose chex party mix i eat, i do not like the stuff. i cannot even explain this, but for some reason, when i eat it, i associate it with sickness.
enough said.

last night we were invited to and enjoyed one of the most amazing parties we’ve been at.
so much food!!! it was all so unbelievably delicious and the host and hostess made us feel so welcome and while we intended to only ‘drop by’ we stayed til close to 10pm. it was a wonderful time of connecting with people and i came away not only appreciating those who were there, but also inspired to be a better hostess.
we had intended to Christmas carol tonight with some friends, but, due to this snowstorm going on outside, we have scrapped that for this night. i’m so sad about it. but, hopeful that we can make it work out for another night this week.
in the meantime, we really have enjoyed this low-key Sunday.
which, we needed after the rough night we had with miss Kate.
poor baby. i think she had gas pains that were making her miserable.
poor baby.
poor parents. πŸ˜‰

now, i must make hot chocolate.
i think i’ve stalled the kids off for about as long as i can.
maybe we’ll get out the skip-bo cards and play nine-patch.
or, maybe we’ll let them watch a movie.
we’ll see.

whatever this day, and this new week hold for you, i hope it’s good.
enjoy this time of the year and all that it entails.
i know i am.


9 thoughts on “in our neck of the woods lately…

  1. I’ve slipped out of the blogging world for about two weeks, so it was fun to pop in and see what’s going on in your world again. I LOVE that chair! And you might decide it’s not excess even if you don’t have much room. We purchased an old gold chair (the upholstery was really dirty and stained) from a neighbor and re-did it and I could not get rid of it because it is sooooo comfy. It sat shrink-wrapped for a year until the dry wall part of the basement hit and we had to bring it up here for safe keeping. I sat on it the other day and just wanted to sigh with delight. πŸ™‚

    Cute snow pics of your sweet kiddos, too!

  2. jennie zimmerman says:

    so GOOD to hear from you again.
    that chair IS really neat….and how fun that your daughter loves it too!
    have a good week!

  3. Awe, Rachel…. it’s always good to read your posts!! I don’t comment nearly every time, but I love seeing your pictures and reading your words. =) Your Thanksgiving spread looks so warm and inviting!! Your hand writing is something I envy! So pretty! And, if I were you, I’d pack that golden piece of furniture in the wagon to treck across the country to a new home!! Oh yes! πŸ˜‰

  4. I love your goblets πŸ™‚ That stain of glass is my favorite… the amber just glows with light. Awesome snow pictures. We only got a dash of snow here. It looks like God spilled his snow shaker on our front lawn. Not enough to sled in but enough on the trampoline to gather up and eat.

  5. Snow! How fun.
    We had snow yesterday..although I don’t think as much as you.

    Your Thanksgiving table was beautiful. LOVE your new chair! I’d keep it.
    You will be happy once you move into a new home all the way across the country. πŸ˜‰ and if not…I’m sure a sister would love to snatch it from you.

    …and finally. You are so pretty!
    Happy Monday to you. XxOo

  6. Christy says:

    So good to hear from you. It looks like it’s cozy around your house. I love the birthday table you set and the happy smiles in the snow. We also got your Christmas picture today–thank you! I love the colors you put together for your family to wear.

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