part 2.

finally a minute to come back and post my other pictures from our weekend away.
it’s always craziness and busy around here, and finding the time, or making the time to sit down and blog sometimes is harder than others.
this week has been full of normal things as well as a few out of the ordinary things with friends.
all good, you know?!
but, before i have too big a pile of other things i want to blog about, i’ll finish this little weekend thing.
day two of our weekend away was very, very low-key.
we don’t like to do much on Sunday’s if we can avoid it, so we decided we would just get up late, eat breakfast and then head out to the beach and the bay.
it was a gloriously sunny day there and while 60 degrees is not sun-bathing weather, it was actually pretty pleasant out on the beach.
of course, we also had it to ourselves.
i wished we would have had a blanket so we could have sat along the shore and just stared out at the ocean.
to someone who recharges by being alone, the beach, a blanket and QUIET is next to perfection.
but, it was delightful to just walk along the edge, to watch the dolphins, to feel the wind and see the waves.

from there, we drove just down the road and watched these guys in the bay.
soo crazy!!
it was so fun to watch these guys in this sport.
not that i have any interest in trying anything of this sort.
and, from here, we drove on towards home.
we stopped for a late lunch/early supper in Christiana, Delaware.
it makes me laugh to say this, and yet, i am completely secure in saying it:
we are our lunch close to the t.v.’s in Ruby Tuesday’s so that Tim could watch the football game, and i could read my Grisham book.
it was a quiet, peaceful and both of us were totally happy with the situation.
it’s funny how as the years go by, you find this rhythm together where no matter what you’re doing, you are just happy to *be* together.
it was one of those times.
looking on it might have looked like we were two islands, but we knew what and where we were.
and, then, after grabbing one last Starbucks drink, we headed back to our children.
refreshed and recharged.
i don’t know when we’ll get away again.
probably not for a long time.
and, it’s okay.
most of the time.
but, whether or not we do get away again in the near future, this weekend away is always going to be near to my heart.
going into this 37th year of my life, i realize that with all the changes we are facing, it could be a very big year.
probably will be a very big year.
i’m ready.



8 thoughts on “part 2.

  1. First off, ADORABLE outfits on every single day. Your husband must have thought himself the luckiest guy around. πŸ™‚
    And I so get your comment about recharging by being alone… I absolutely lovelove being with people, and yet, my times alone are so [rare and] precious. And I had to laugh a bit about your Ruby Tuesday story, but without any judgment whatsoever – because you’re so right; it’s more about BEING together than almost anything. Not talking does absolutely not mean a boring marriage! πŸ™‚

    So happy you go this little getaway, for your birthday & all. My birthday is over this weekend, and we were hoping for someone of the same. And well, some things just don’t work out, and you try to be a big girl and not cry. I know you know. πŸ™‚ xo

  2. Stacey says:

    Love, Love, Love . . . I am so excited for you new journey Rachel. I will miss you terribly when your move to Kansas becomes a REALITY! I’ll just have to hop on a plane and come to Kansas and see my friend. Keep being the gifted artist that you are – sewing, cooking, mothering, taking photos, oh, I did I mention photos??! You are a blessing Rachel.

  3. Anonymous says:

    What a lovely getaway! I really like the RT story because I immediately thought John Grisham has a new book?(and googled it) πŸ™‚

  4. love those shots of you on the beach~ like from a magazine. in your own little world! and i so know what you mean about finding that rhythm in your marriage of just being happy to BE together. and i smiled that you said you were secure enough to share that – love it! in blogging it’s tough at times to say things, afraid they’ll be taken the wrong way but i’ve learned through the years those who are reading because they’re genuinely interested and care always read between the lines positively. πŸ™‚

    wind surfing is crazy isn’t it? we have lots on the lakes up here in the summer. so cool to watch~ shayne’s tried before but i know i’d drown. ;))

    so glad you guys had this time. and happy birthday again! :)) grateful for your life and friendship. xox

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