of weekends away…

part one.
let me rephrase that.
of weekend away.
not plural.
to put it mildly, Tim and i do not get away often.
at all.
finding somewhere for four children for a night out is hassle enough that the ordeal of finding somewhere for them for a whole weekend is enough to make my stomach churn and my nerves fray.
if you’re in the same stage of life as me, i’m guessing many of you can understand this.
some months back i asked Tim, ‘if ever i get better, please promise that you’ll take me away for a weekend.’
and, he kept his promise this past weekend, which, just happened to be three days after my birthday.
if you follow me on Instagram and got sick of my ‘happybirthdayweekendtome’ hashtags, then, you probably want to depart in peace right here and now.
because, i’m going to recount it all and do so unashamedly.
but, back to getting away for a weekend when you have four kids that you leave behind:
my inlaws were kind enough to sigh up for the task this time.
well, for part of it.
last minute, they had a funeral/memorial to be involved in and it would have meant us giving up our one day away, and i cried.
i was so heartbroken.
we talked about what to do and if we had options and started calling around.
thankfully, we have friends, and GRACIOUS ones at that, who agreed to watch over our kiddos when my inlaws were otherwise involved and it all worked out fine.
i’m always very, very aware of the sacrifice it is for people to help me with my kids and i so do not want to take people for granted in this!
(sidenote: if you have family close to you who helps you out frequently; you are blessed. if you don’t, and you have to call on friends, you know what i’m talking about when i say that friends are angels of mercy helping us maintain our sanity and preserve our marriages!!)
so, since we are in the part of the country where we have limitless options for things to do within easy driving distance, we threw around quite a few options before nailing down a weekend in Dewey Beach, Delaware.
not that we sun-bathed and came home with great tans.
but, we did have a sweet hotel on the bay with the ocean just beyond us for a steal of a deal.
(thank you, Kayak.com. my husband is the master of scouting out fares online!)
and, 2 blissful days of doing whatever we wanted.
or, nothing.
we did a lot of that.
our hotel room was a suite with a nice big sofa and so, it was great to sit there and read and just relax, drink our coffee and linger in the mornings after breakfast.

one of the things i so badly wanted to do when we were away at the Beach, was take in the Ocean City Boardwalk.
i am not much of a boardwalk person at all, but, i knew things would be very low-key since it’s the off-season, and it was perfection in my opinion.
we walked the length of the boardwalk and out onto the pier.
the pay-to-view-telescope was a highlight for me.
i’ve never seen or used one of these before and i am (easily) fascinated with these things.
we walked, and looked at the water, and took in the sights and people-watched.
and, ate an expensive cup of french fries.
they were just fantastic.
and, i’m not a big fan of fries, but those things were awesome.
after we were done there, we went shopping for the afternoon at the outlets.
awesome, awesome shopping down there!
(the fact that it was so awesome may also have had something to do with the fact that there were no children begging for snacks or needing to using the restroom, or asking if we could please buy this and that. maybe.)
and, then, supper at Big Fish Grill.
last spring when i was at the shore with a bunch of ladies, we ate there and i loved it, so i convinced Tim he would too.
i convinced him, and yet, i was a bit paranoid that it would not be what he hoped.
when he said the crabcakes were the best he’d ever eaten, i quit worrying.
super delicious seafood for very reasonable prices there.
so ends part one.
it’s soon time for my children to be home from school.
i thought i would make a grocery store run this morning, but, there is a massive hole in the road the width of my driveway today while work is being done along and underneath our street, so i’ve been home catching up on things like cookie baking and laundry.
it’s cold and windy and in the 20’s here and my kids are hoping for the 20% chance of snow to bring us enough that they can throw snowballs at each other.
it’s just another day, you know?
whatever you’ve been doing, i hope your Tuesday has been good.
i’ll be back later this week.

with love,


21 thoughts on “of weekends away…

  1. I am so so happy that you got a weekend away! There is just nothing like a good weekend with your husband, no littles to ask, whine and want, just blissful relaxation!

    – I do know how it feels to get babysitters. I hate asking! I hate to bother someone! And I worry about them when I’m gone. Why is it when you need the time the most it’s the hardest to get away.

    • Rachel says:

      yes!! i despise asking people to help me! so much so that i procrastinate and make the matter worse for myself sometimes. i can honestly say that i barely thought of my kids this past weekend. it was the first time that had ever happened! maybe something is wrong with me? or, maybe getting away from them was that overdue?!
      have a good weekend, Shannon!!

    • Rachel says:

      thank you Beth! it was a most wonderful time! one thing about moving to Kansas is (as you know) we will be pretty well land-locked and this little time at the shore may well be our last for a long time. we truly soaked it up!
      happy friday!

  2. So I got a little misty-eyed reading through this. Friends who are angels who help preserve our marriage by watching our kids? Yes, I can so relate!! And how rare weekends away are? Yes, I can so relate there too. It’s so embarassing how long it’s been since we’ve even had one night away, and I can’t remember if we’ve had a weekend since the birth of our first child?? Anyway, enough of that. πŸ™‚ But all that to say ~ I can SO identify with the beauty and almost sacredness of time away with JUST your husband, and no one else. I am so happy you had the opportunity to do that, and people to help with the kids!

    And great shots too! I especially love the ferris wheel and kite pictures. So fun!
    Awaiting part two. πŸ™‚

    • Rachel says:

      Clarita! i know you Know the rarity!! i’d like to say that the rarity makes me treasure the times away more, and it does to a point….but, when it goes so long in between, as you know, other strings can unravel….all the same; i sincerely wish for you guys to SOON be able to get away!!
      have a great weekend!

  3. A couple of things…

    1. I know this means nothing due to my track record…but I have something to send you in the mail. I actually thought ahead for once in my life…but there it sat in my “to be mailed cabinet” and it STILL hasn’t made it your way! Along with a few things from last Christmas. I should just take a picture for you!!! At least then you’ll know I’m not making things up!

    2. I am SO happy the two of you were able to get away. Being alone is so, so special and wonderful and refreshing! I am thankful and blessed to have family near by. If I were closer I really would take your children! (or send my boys to babysit since they’re old enough now πŸ˜‰

    3. Your pictures are so fun to look at! I love Ocean City and wanted so badly to go back this year.

    ….and finally, a Very Happy Belated Birthday to you!!!
    Miss you and hope to see you sometime soon! XxOo

    • Rachel says:

      Liz! you are too funny! take a picture and send me proof; that literally made me laugh! i guess we could say this truly is a case of ‘it’s the thought that counts’, right?!
      we’d LOVE to see you guys again too. love to!
      hope your weekend is a wonderful one!

  4. This post did nothing for my jealousy issues. πŸ™‚ But I shall be happy for you anyway! I did get one sweet day with my hubby this weekend too and though not as glamorous, still worthy of gratefulness.

    • Rachel says:

      thanks for choking out happy and admitting to jealousy. (snort!;)) i know you know what it’s like to wish for time away, AND what it’s like to be doing parenting solo, so i am glad you also got a day of just the two of you this past weekend!

  5. Angie O says:

    Your weekend away looked great! Looks like you had awesome weather. I took Luke to Ocean City back in September for a little getaway. His favorite part was playing on the beach. My favorite part was the boardwalk! So much to see and do. We also walked the whole thing to the pier. It only took us 5 hours to walk down and back with quite a few stops…little legs don’t move too fast when there is so much to take in. πŸ™‚ I wish I could go back often. Have a wonderful day! Love!

    • Rachel says:

      Angie!! you took Luke there!? without my brother?! πŸ˜‰ wow, i wish i’d have known; we could have met you there for the day!!
      i miss you guys. a lot.
      much love!!

      • Angie O says:

        Yep, my very best friend and I took him…just us 3! Your brother isn’t much on long car rides or long walks anymore, thanks to his back injury. He had a few relaxing days at home and Luke and I had a nice mini vacation. It was nice to get away from home, even for a short time. I guess I didn’t even realize you guys are so close to there! We could have definitely shared a day together. I wish I would have been thinking! πŸ™‚

  6. How fun! We do not have family close by that can help – and have 4 children as well, tho ours are older. I SO understand how difficult it is to find help. Friends are wonderful! So glad you got the time away!

    • Rachel says:

      not having family close by really does seem to make it harder to get away! i’m sure that as the kids get older that will change, whether we have family nearby or not. just observing my friends whose children are older makes me realize that the tables really CAN change someday!!
      have yourself a great weekend!

  7. Beautiful photos! You should do a workshop on editing sometime.:) I so agree, time away as a couple is so beneficial to a relationship. I think it is just a beautiful thing when I see couples taking time for that! Now I want to pack my bags and getaway with my man….oh and eat a basket of fries.

    • Rachel says:

      Shelley! thank you for the kind comment on my pictures. it makes me blush to be honest. i am Not good, or even skilled one iota in editing pictures. period.
      getting away is sooo very important, but in this stage, so very hard to accomplish! but, like i told my husband, as much as i love being parents together, we HAVE GOT to get away from it all to remember that we were US before them and US is where it all started!!
      happy weekending!

  8. Anonymous says:

    having just gone away with shayne a few weekends ago i FEEL your joy!!! these times aren’t just enjoyable they’re needed. almost like air! and though not often we can live off them for a long long while, yes? ; ) so glad you had this. the pictures are all so interesting and fun- love the kissy shadow one!!


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