Autumn splendor

yesterday after church, and lunch and after 20 minutes of trying to nap to no avail, i grabbed my camera and went in search of Autumn splendor.
i had delusions of spending a quiet afternoon at a local park camped out on a blanket with my camera and notebook and sharpie and just letting the beauty overtake me and letting my thoughts and feelings be poured out onto the pages within my book.
alas, the park was overrun with male jocks playing volleyball and soccer and nary a woman or child in sight.
that was too awkward for me, so i didn’t even get out of my van.
from there, i drove to the next attraction; a covered bridge.
i have such a fascination with covered bridges, and would really like to scope out some others in the area.
from there, i drove to one of my favorite country roads that boasts a glorious tree that i look at and wonder what all it has seen in it’s lifetime.
i have to think that when it was first planted nothing was near it.
i love to see it still standing strong and majestic.
i am going to miss this tree.
my next stop was the park just down the road from here where i knew i could get water, and trees and that suited me well.
i also encountered a couple deeply engrossed in….(well, let’s just say it was not what i would want my children to witness) a family photoshoot going on and, many more bare trees than i had hoped.
but, i also captured beauty that i hoped for.
and, after i came home and looked at my images, i was struck with how much of what i captured involved reflection.
so many of the trees were past their peak along the water, but as i looked down, i saw what was being reflected and it was breathtaking to me.
and, it has caused me to think about my reflection….
when i look into the mirror, yes, but more importantly, what my outward (wo)man reflects about my inner being.
how that looks to the Lord…..
if that reflects His glory and not my own….
if i can somehow recognize that no matter how ugly or useless i may feel, or no matter what season of life i am in, that my outward self is reflecting something.
in the winter, in the spring and in the summer, these same trees will still be reflecting.
the foliage will be different, yes.
but depending on how you look at it, it will still be fascinatingly beautiful.
oh, that this could be said of my life, or our lives.
here’s to a new week, a new month(!!!) and new opportunities each day.
reflect well my friends.


11 thoughts on “Autumn splendor

  1. There’s a tree I feel that way about here. I make a point to go look at it, especially in the fall. It’s the prettiest tree here, if you ask me!

    Love the pictures, and the reflection too.

  2. Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing the beauty. I also love covered bridges. It has been quite some time since I have been to one. The weekend before last the trees were in prime but it was raining. I itched to get out but just took a lone picture from the porch.

  3. jennie zimmerman says:

    I like that thought on reflection…my desire is to reflect God’s glory…I have such a long, long ways to go!

    beautiful photos.

    haha about that couple you saw 😉

  4. Beautiful reflections from a beautiful heart! You live in a beautiful part of the world Rachel. I’d love to tag along on one of your fall outings. We could yell “break it up!!” at the couple making out in the park 🙂

    I think my favorite picture was the lone tree by the road… I really like that one.

  5. Linda says:

    Fantastic Photos…love the thoughts on Reflection! Twas wonderful to see you this past Saturday and was thinking I would chat with you more later, hence the many people! Hope your week is a great one

  6. What a beautiful thought….no matter what the season or how bare and “ugly” our lives may seem/feel, they can be a lovely reflection of the work Christ is doing in our lives. Fall is so breathtaking…you captured it beautifully! Print a big canvas wrap of one of those for your wall.:)

  7. Ooooh, your autumn shots are gorgeous!! I love that you were able to spend an afternoon like that, refreshing your soul. And I love your thoughts on reflection, even on what can seem like the autumn of our souls, when we feel lifeless – as children of God, and as we put our trust in Who He is, we still reflect Him. What an amazing thought!

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