Miscellaneous Monday

it’s a holiday, right?
so, i’m sure we’re all in holiday mode.
or, not.
definitely not here.
it’s a(nother) day of working and getting things wrapped up around the house.
it was a weekend of that too, really.
work, work, work.
but, that’s okay, because i’m really thankful for the ability and good health that allows me the privilege to do so.
thoughts on saying things to people that are what you think you’ve observed and ‘know’ about them:
just don’t.
if you want to ask caring questions, go for it.
if you want to just extend a smile, or a handshake, or a hug; have at it.
but, to say things that are your opinion of them; save it.
i’m guessing we can all think of times where people have said things to us that were nothing more than their opinions of us, and they were so wrong, and it was painful to receive.
i tend to think there’s very few times when we will regret NOT saying something that could cause harm.
thoughts on parades:
now, that’s a lot of candy!!!
took our kids to their first parade last week, and came home with more candy than we need.
way more.
but, it was 2 hours well spent.
thoughts on how much food we eat:
it is crazy how much food we can go through as a family of 6.
and, we’ve not even hit the teenager stage yet!
later today, we have to make a run to Costco and stock up.
it’s crazy how much of my life is spent making, and serving and cleaning up food in some manner or another.
thoughts on websites like Zulily:
love their deals!
but, when you order a new pair of boots, it is kind of disheartening to wait 3 weeks for them to ship.
so, if the deal is good enough, and you can wait for the item to ship, it’s worthwhile to shop places like this.
if it’s a ‘must have now’ kind of item, go for your local retailer and be instantly ‘happy’. or ‘satisfied’. or, whatever it does for you. =)
thoughts on photo-a-day-challenges:
i love them.
i hate them.
no, really.
i’m doing one on Instagram (you can see it along my sidebar on the left side) right now and it’s fun.
i’ve always told myself i’m going to start something like this, and last month i tried for about 2 1/2 weeks and then i was all kinds of busy and it was far from my list of top priorities.
i’m pretty determined to finish out this month though.
and, then, maybe next month i’ll do a different one on Instagram, or maybe here.
thoughts on family pictures:
(long, deep sigh)
thoughts on multiplication tables:
grueling work.
when you’re a kid.
actually, when you’re an adult (at least for me) it’s still work to bring them to mind.
but, when you’re a kid and your mom MAKES you listen to them on cd, and then write them out, over and over and over, it’s a drag.
for the kid and the mom in this case.
thoughts on fall cleanup in the the flowerbeds:
i have the cutest little helper.
so dear.
so dear.
thoughts on tablecloths on my kitchen table:
i pretty much always have one on the table.
and, i love them.
mostly the cloth kind.
but, when you have messy meals and spilled milk, you’re changing them all the time.
which, gets sort of old.
so, right now, i’m doing this little thing where i see how long i can stand to have a vinyl one on my table.
i really don’t like the look of it.
but, wiping them vs. washing the whole thing every meal, is a no-brainer.
we are on day 8, and that’s worth mentioning for this housewife!

have a great start to your week, friends!


12 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Monday

  1. That pictures of your garden helper on the tractor…oh my goodness!!!
    As for your table cloth..my mom always gets this clear, thick plastic at I think Joann fabrics? I can’t remember…anyway, she puts it over her table clothes or placemats….it covers the entire table. They will cut it to size..and then she can keep whatever she likes on the table and it won’t get ruined!

    Miss you guys! Wish I could see you soon!
    Happy Monday. XxOo

  2. Your dress is so so pretty!! I love your whole outfit, and am hoping maybe these are a few glimpses of family pictures? πŸ™‚
    Your little helper IS so dear. He looks so intent upon his job, and like he just KNOWS he’s saving the day. I love those precious little moments!
    It was a normal Monday here too. πŸ™‚ But it’s okay, we’ve been having lots of good times other days to make up for a holiday!

  3. Thoughts on your posts: favorite picture – brent ‘helping’ Kate look at the camera. I was really hoping you’d post a picture of that coffee cake recipe. I like recipes with pictures best πŸ™‚ I’m sure your house must smell amazing all the time. Fall baking here means a Costco pumpkin pie πŸ™‚ and speaking of Costco, I’m with you – they get a lot of our $$$. I know there was other things I was going to say …. but I can’t remember right now, oh do we have to wait till Christmas to see family pictures? (say no) ok happy Tuesday!! You’re doing a great job!

  4. great thoughts on a monday… even though i enjoyed them on a wednesday. πŸ™‚ cute family pictures! it is almost that time of year again isn’t it? good words on considering another’s heart before speaking!

  5. Luci says:

    Oh my. Some wonderful Rachel pictures to gaze at. Your little girl grew up while I wasn’t reading your blog. Parade candy is just TOO much. I’m surprised my children don’t get sick.
    I am kind of sad about how much of life is spent preparing for and cleaning up after food. Think about how much time we’d have to write and paint and read if we didn’t have to cook. Then again…eating is pleasure too. πŸ™‚
    ~Nice to see you again.

  6. the telephone wire shot is awesome! and the one of you and your girls at the end – loVe! you look gorgeous.

    and my thoughts on multiplication tables now are still the same thoughts i had of them as a kid!! : )

    happy thursday friend. xo

  7. I looooove the colors and outfits you chose for your family pictures. Can’t wait to see the official family photo. πŸ™‚ Sweet picture of you and your girls–you are such a pretty mama.

    Do let us know how the table cloth works out long term. I’m the same way–like a table cloth, but weary of washing it so often. Sometimes I put a placemat for each boy on top of the table cloth during meals. At least I get to enjoy the table cloth a little while longer.

  8. words are life or death. so just do or just don’t. i’m hearing those thoughts.
    multiplication is like subtraction and algebra, I don’t think we need it. do we?
    or is it that I wish that my kids weren’t so much like me with math?
    and my own thoughts on family photos are that i’m not doing them this year.
    but I hope that everyone else does! yours look great! can’t wait to see more.

  9. I’m with Cindy. Just not doing family photos this year. It’s hard enough finding outfits but I am just done with trying to take my own and adding Adam’s casted arm to the mix threw me over the edge. πŸ™‚ We managed to eek out one for the mandatory camp staff newsletter and that was enough. But I LOVE yours! Did you take it yourself?

    I’m going to be waiting on the tablecloth verdict as well. I love cloth. I actually love a pretty table bare, too, but since ours isn’t pretty it needs to be covered. Sometimes I go with placemats just because they feel like less trouble to take on and off. Still, the spills remain and flow and dump and pour.

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