Miscellaneous Monday

it’s been a long time since i’ve done Miscellaneous Monday.
in fact, i don’t think i’ve done it since opening up this space.
so, today, on this rainy, dreary, but kind-of-cozy Monday, i’ll give it a whirl.
last night, we walked the ‘hood with the kids.
they rode scooters and raced ahead of us.
it’s become a couple times a week ritual and it’s win-win i say; they love to ride their scooters on the sidewalks and whether it’s just me pushing Kate in the stroller or Tim and i walking together doing so, we’re all getting some exercise and burning energy and getting fresh air.
how can four rolls of scotch tape disappear and i only used at the most, 6 inches of it?
true story.
i really don’t know what they do with it, but my kids go thru tape at a ridiculous rate.
i did a bushel of apples into sauce last week.
and, i’m fixing to do another today.
i was undecided on whether or not i was going to call it quits after the first bushel until there at the produce place sat a bushel for $12. i couldn’t pass it up.
last night Seth wanted to take a picture with my camera.
which, i turned into the rare chance to get a snapshot of him.
Tim painted our porch floor within the last month.
it looks sooo nice!
although i did love the look of the chippy paint, the new paint coat looks so fresh and clean.
the kids went back to school on the 26th of August.
i know.
kind of after the fact here.
next year, little Brent will tag along with them to school and i cannot believe that.
are you taking family pictures this year?
are we?
that’s a good question.
our family has changed enough in the last year, that it would be nice to document where we are today.
but, the enthusiasm level for that ritual is far from high and contagious around here.
i’m thinking about it though.
which, is a start.
you know what’s nice?
starting the week with too many evening activities planned and then bam!
they get changed and then you have a week with twice as many open evenings as you thought you had.
here’s to a grace-filled week.


3 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Monday

  1. April says:

    So many beautiful pictures Rachel! There’s just something about the picture of the wet street drenched in sunlight… I loved that one. And how darling do you look with your yellow sweater, and polka dot scarf caring a bushel of apples!? This post looks like it could be right out of a magazine. Makes me long for fall weather. I also loved the picture of miss Kate giving you a very suspicious look, HA! What a cutie!

  2. I loved this post!! So newsy and fun. Your baby!! She’s getting so big. You look lovely, Rachel.
    Beautiful pictures of the flowers on your Bible, and the one of you holding the bushel of apples!

  3. Somehow I missed some of your posts! Largely in part to us being on family vacation and not having internet for nearly a week, and then super busy when we came home. But so fun to catch up on your blog again! I LOVE your striped sweater with the navy polka dot scarf!! I echo April, that picture with the apples could be a magazine picture!! So soooo pretty. And the pictures with your daughters… LOVE those. There is such peace and LOVE that radiates from them! And making two bushels of applesauce?! You have been busy, girlfriend!! That is no small feat.

    You make me excited about autumn arriving someday in the south… I love the apples, the crispy weather with sweaters and layers. We’ll get it one day – probably when you’re decorating for Christmas. 😉

    Happy Weekend!

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