of airshows and for Friday…

two years ago, i took my three kiddos to the local airport for it’s community days.
it was one of the highlights of our summer, but sadly, daddy could not go along since he had to work.
i vowed we would HAVE to do this event again and last spring we started checking into when the next show was.
we found that it is a bi-annual event and so, this was again the year for the show.
we marked the calendar, changed some things around and were actively very much looking forward to the day for the last two plus months.
this past Saturday was THE day.
we had some things to do around the house in the early morning and since the show did not start til 10 and we knew that we wanted to be there for the afternoon shows and such, we packed a lunch and headed out.
we ate first in the parking field and watched a few planes doing some stunts while we filled our bellies.
and, then, we headed to the tarmac!!
while this is by no means a ‘big town airshow’, for us, it was a really great experience. lots to see, a scavenger hunt for the kids, free ice cream and tea’s, and just general merriment.
i took a ton, a TON of pictures!
all the bright colors and the old planes just begged to be photographed!
the plane above, was lined up with the rest of the old planes for the ‘parade of planes’ and, it barely got up off the ground, and crashed.
i was pretty sad about that. for one, it kind of messed up the ‘schedule’ of the rest of the show, but, i was also just sad for the pilot. i’m sure that he was thankful to come out of it okay, but all the same. an experience like that would be embarrassing and frustrating. and, then, to have so many people there speculating and such. not to mention capturing it on film. 😉
my kids, at this event, are more than happy to smile for the camera. something about them LOVING all of what we are doing makes them pretty co-operative. i’ll take it!
the stunt plane that we watched was Awesome. he put on quite the show and it was fun to have my 300mm lens along! it’s probably the kind of thing that in real life, it’s much better. but, i’m kind of loving my pictures from the show.
and, because i was feeling gutsy, and because i decided that ‘someday’ my kids will be glad that their mom had them pose with the pilot.
and, just other shots from the day….
the kiddos loved getting to sit up in the seats of both a chopper and a small passenger plane.
and, little Kate. she was such a trooper sitting in her stroller and taking it all in.
self portrait below here…
it was such a fun day…
and, at the end of the day, we were all pretty tuckered out.
we washed the baby, stuck her in bed and then sat around a fire with the other three kiddos.
and, God painted us a beautiful sky to end the day.
i will leave you with these words by Henry Ford…
for Friday.
“When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.”


3 thoughts on “of airshows and for Friday…

  1. What a fun day! I think it’s so great that you took the kids, even though your husband couldn’t be there all day [but when he came, I noticed he was wearing an ‘Oatney’ shirt?! how cool is that! 🙂 ]. You have some great pictures too! The blue sky against that stunt plane make stellar shots! Those days make the best childhood memories. 🙂
    Happy Tuesday! xo

  2. LOVE all of your pictures Rachel! How vibrant and colorful. Makes me want to go to an airshow.
    I really like how each of your children has their own shot with a propeller.
    I do feel bad for that pilot…I can just imagine how aggravated he must have been!

    Love the Henry Ford quote there at the end.
    Happy Tuesday to you.

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