Kansas part 3

i’m wrapping it up with my barrage of Kansas pictures.
as i sat down to look at them this afternoon, i had to get a little teary-eyed.
i cannot believe that the trip of our year is over.
i look at these pictures and i see my kids in these moments captured and i’m so happy we had so many opportunities to make such great memories.
i’m so happy my kids talk fondly of our time there.
i’m so grateful we had safety getting there and back and that we were all well while we were there.
it was truly an epic summer trip for our family.
and, it’s so wonderful to be able to look at all the pictures.
so wonderful.
yet, bittersweet.
we don’t have definite plans for going back anytime in the immediate future.
so, that is one sad part of it for me.
but, i’m determined it must not be another 2 plus years til we get there, that’s just way too long!!

and, that will do.
til next time.


2 thoughts on “Kansas part 3

  1. I love the pictures. Corn and Kansas go together in my mind. I hate when a visit is over! But I’m so glad we have pictures and cameras and all the technology that allows us to remember, and we’re not of the generation that would have to keep it in our minds. I don’t think I could DO that!

  2. I forgot to bookmark your new blog so just found it again. Love seeing you trip pictures back home. It must be very hard being so far from your family. So glad your kids did well with traveling. That’s a long time to be in a vehicle!

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