Kansas part 2

so, part two is going to have a few more pictures.
you see, part one was only the first two days we were there and we stayed a week!
part two begins with a trip to the Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center with my parents.
truly a Reno County highlight.
i’d been there a couple times, but not in the last 13 years, so it was fun to go back and see things and take it in with my kids.
the kids loved it, for the most part.
we took in the Dr. Goddard’s Lab and the experiments were quite impressive.
we watched an iMax film on Kenya.
we took in the Planetarium and watched the night sky unfold.
we grabbed lunch at Bogey’s in between shows.
it was a truly fun and full day.


and onto the next things….
when you are an Oatney girl, you have to go shopping for at least part of a day.
with little ones along, obviously, you can’t go full steam all day long.
but, our little girlies, they LOVE to go shopping and it’s so much fun to have them along!
even my youngest sister’s wee one; she was such a trooper!
it’s really just called ‘training them in the way that they should go!’

and, then, while we were in Kansas, little miss Kate had her first birthday!
i can scarcely believe my baby is ONE!!
i know, we all say that about our children, but it’s not just a cliche`.
time really does fly and before you know it, the baby is a toddler.
it was really special to me for one of our kids to experience a birthday with some of my family.
i’d be lying if i said it never bothers me that my kids don’t get to spend birthday’s with my family.
so, to have my baby turn one with some of my family gathered around the table fussing over her and doting on her was something she will only see in pictures, but her mother, will remember forever with much fondness.
as the pictures will reflect, Kate has QUITE the personality.
i’ve said to her for the longest time that, ‘Kate, you’re such a FUN girl!’ and it’s so true!
a year ago, we were basking in her newborn wonder….
and, a year later, she was livin’ it up Oatney-style.

something else i took much pleasure in was taking pictures of Dad feeding the cows.
i miss the farm.
i miss the cows.
and, i always, always loved the calves.
on our last day there, i caught this cute moment where Seth was quietly contemplating something…

and, for now, this will do.
part three i’ll conclude soon.
in the meantime, enjoy these fleeting summer days!


4 thoughts on “Kansas part 2

  1. April says:

    I love seeing pictures of you with your family and getting glimpses of your life before you were Mrs. and mommy. How special that little Miss Kate got to spend her first birthday with your family! She is such a doll and looking like a little girl more and more! Her birthday shirt is absolutely adorable! Were did you find such a treasure?

    I also really liked the picture of you with the boys! You look beautiful and I LOVE everything about the outfit you were wearing! I FINALLY got around to adding your blog to my Feedly account. Why is it so hard to teach an old dog new tricks? Between new blogs and no more Google reader I feel a little adrift. But now at least I can keep up with you my friend!

  2. Rachel!!! I had a different blog name for you. I FOUND you!!! 🙂
    Hopefully I can leave a comment too.

    Oh, your trip I’m sure was wonderful. I love all of your pictures…they are so beautiful. I love the wheat fields and you my friend are so pretty. One of the prettiest people I know both inside and out!

    I can’t imagine how hard it is to live away from family. I am thankful to have mine so close..I would miss everyone. I can’t believe your baby is 1 either! She was so teeny tiny last time we saw her, now she’s standing up! Such a cutie too. I like her little puffy skirt. 🙂

    It’s okay to brag on your kids….24 hours is a long trip to make with 4 little ones. Wish you guys would have stopped by, but then your trip would have been about 32 hours! Haha. and when you’re traveling SO far, every 10 minutes feels like a year!

    Glad you got to see your family and spend time with them. The memories like you said you will have forever.

    Happy Day to you Rachel!

  3. What a special time!! I loved seeing all the BEAUTIFUL pictures – the colors are so vibrant and alive! And I so hear you… the wishing/missing family far away when it comes to birthdays. That it so so special little Kate got to celebrate her first birthday there! It all just exudes love and happiness, what a great time of memories. And, your kids traveling like that? I’d be bragging too. 🙂


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