how love looked last week…..

it looked like Sunday and we were swimming and socializing with friends.
it looked like Monday and a library trip and a spur of the moment text to a dear friend asking them to come surprise Tim for his birthday and we were working around the house and doing laundry.
it looked like Tuesday and a praying mantis outside my door at 6:30 in the morning after my run and a meeting at our house in the evening and the kids were elated when other kids showed up.
it looked like Wednesday and the kids and i picked 20 pounds of strawberries and we were feeling the effects of a too-busy week and we skipped out on evening church to just ‘be’.
it looked like Thursday and Tim had a birthday and the kids were so very excited to give him gifts and i had strawberry jam to make and we had flooding on our street and me and mine were going to go out on a date together and then i had to last-minute find a sitter and it worked out and we had a great time.

it looked like Friday and we cleaned around the house and got ready for the weekend.
it looked like Saturday and Tim having to work and me flying around here getting all the last minute things ready for overnight guests coming to surprise the husband and so much adrenaline and so much excitement at having them here with us and then Tim being so shocked to walk into the house and them here and the moon was especially beautiful.(i’m slightly proud of this moon shot.)

it looked like Sunday and flying around to get things ready to take along to church and fighting with Kate and then coming home and stuffing ourselves on good food and saying good-byes and then sitting back and loving the oh-so-short, but oh-so-good weekend we had just had.

it looked like Monday again and the kids were doing some unconventional scooter-riding and Seth was doing the neighbors chores and Ava was helping with her little sister and a friend stopped in and shared lunch with us and now, here i am. the house quiet, the husband soon coming home from a meeting and the trash needs taken out and the coffee needs prepped for morning and i feel the shower and my bed calling my name.
what’s that you say?
this looked like an average week with (mostly) average things going on?
that, for sure is love.


5 thoughts on “how love looked last week…..

  1. carmen says:

    yes…love – even in the ordinary. But, honestly I would say that your weeks sounds a bit extra ordinary. Wow, a lot was happening. How do you do it all?

    Love your new blog spot!!

  2. I loved this post because I love getting a peek into my friend’s ordinary {or extraordinary} lives. The pictures of your kids lined up to give their dad his birthday gifts are soooooooo adorable. I was oohing over them holding them behind their back and then got lost in the presentation on the porch. Their faces are just glowing with anticipation.

  3. So much fun reading all this… I love hearing how someone’s week was, esp ordinary days. That moon shot, wow, good one for sure! πŸ™‚ The picture of the kids with their gifts behind their backs is so so cute!!

  4. What a busy busy week!! But filled with a lot of such good things.
    I loved the birthday pictures – the kiddos still in pajamas, all excited about their daddy’s birthday!
    I loved your backyard with all the beautiful lights! And the surprise guests for your husband!
    I loved the moon shot!!
    I loved that you got a date. From someone else who doesn’t easily have babysitters, I know the happy feeling of it actually working out!! πŸ™‚
    I love when you post, Rachel! This is such a beautiful new place.

  5. The moon shot is impressive, I must say. I liked the last one of you the best, though. You look about 40% thoughtful and 60% mischievous.

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