In a Little Garden Party

It all started last summer when our church youth group was looking for donations for their annual slave auction to raise money for mission trips and such. We don’t get out to a lot of fundraisers with our family, and so I thought this would be a good way for me/us to still donate to the youth group. So, I donated 6 tickets to a Spring Garden Party. Six tickets that sold (what I thought to be very) well. The first part of the year, I set the date and started scheming, and hoping and praying for good weather.
Last Sunday night was THE most anticipated night of my springtime thus far.
Some of the things I knew I wanted were peonies and a canopy. Peony’s are my favorite flower and I simply cannot get enough of them! They are just so old fashioned and romantic and dainty and feminine and gorgeous all at the same time!
Peonies are usually blooming around Memorial Day in this part of the country, and since that was going to push them past their peek, I decided this would be the year I would try my Grandmother’s long tried and true method of cutting them in bud and then stowing them in the fridge. Thanks to my mother-in-law and a new-found friend close by, I had peonies STACKED in my fridge! (There was not a whole lot of room for food to be honest, but we didn’t starve either!)
My pallet tables were again put to such good use! I am still just loving these tables Tim made for me last year!
I was kind of tickled with how this little detail looked; hosta leaves served as plate chargers.
And, the canopy. Oh my stars! My dear husband is such a good sport and makes so many things happen for me when I take a notion! I had pinned some things on Pinterest that were inspirational to me for this venture, and yet I was not entirely sure how it would pan out. So, one of my neighbors had some bamboo that he graciously let us have some of and with a ball of twine I purchased a couple years ago at the local Habbit Re-Store, we got our game on. I wish I would have had pictures of us constructing this, but, me standing atop a ladder and wrapping twine while my husband held the poles tight did not allow for pictures of the process. It turned out just like I wanted! We wrapped lights around the poles, and, on two of the corners, I hung some white fabric I had on hand and, also some vines. I’m hoping to purchase some more fabric to hang from each corner and make the look more full and finished for the next time I put on a party. We left the canopy erected for now; spur of the moment parties and quiet evenings in the backyard just got a new twist for this summer in our little backyard! I love it!
I used my big old wooden board turned chalkboard to display one of my favorite poems.
And, of course, when you are the one putting on a party, it’s easy to forget to take pictures of all that you want. I’m just grateful my husband took all the pictures that I do have here. I wish I would have gotten pictures of the drink table, and the party favors and I wish I would have taken more of the food table and how things looked once the lights were on in the dark. But, I’m not going to focus on that. Nor am I going to focus on the fact that we did have a rain shower that forced us inside for a brief amount of time. It was not what would have been ‘perfect’ but it was perfect enough for me. It was, all in all, a most lovely evening. I enjoyed each and every person who graced my pallet tables and sat on our couches amidst messiness while we waited out a rain shower. I enjoyed planning this evening and sharing it with these ladies in one of my favorite places; the Garden.

The kiss of the sun for pardon,
The song of the bird for mirth,
One is nearer God’s heart in a garden
Than anywhere else on earth.
~Dorothy Frances Gurney


19 thoughts on “In a Little Garden Party

  1. Rachel, what a dreamy party!! What lucky lucky people who got to be there! I am adoring the peonies… They are my FAVORITE flower ever and I cannot get enough of them – especially since they don’t grow here in the south. And the hosta leaves as chargers are brilliant! Such a beautiful party!

    • Rachel says:

      You don’t have peonies in the South?? Omylands. I don’t think I could take that!!!:) the people who were here… I felt like *i* was the lucky one because they so generously paid to be here!!

  2. Tara says:

    Looove your photography and your style! Oh my dear what a gorgeous backyard & I am certain the tea party guests are still enjoying the memories! Honored to be your new-found friend! 🙂

  3. Rachel Helmuth says:

    This was a feast for my eyes… such crazy talent you have Rachel. And how wonderful for you to bless others with it.

  4. oh Rachel, what a beautiful event!! And can I say, just seeing that little girl person hanging out w/ you while you are preparing ups my admiration of this event 1000-fold. At least for me, it is HARD to entertain at this stage of baby-hood, much less pull off a stunning party.

    I too adore peonies, and I am just tickled that i have a bush of them on our property…

    • Rachel says:

      O Thelma!! I’m telling you; my older kids help Soooo much with Kate that I almost feel guilty sometimes! Just you wait… Once Abby gets older you’ll see what I mean!!

  5. Rosana says:

    Simply lovely! However I’m disappointed that you didn’t get pics at dusk when the lights were on – that was the most beautiful! Thank you again, friend!

  6. Ooo, almost as fun to ‘relive’ as it was the first time around. Your pictures are fantastic, as was the whole entire evening. {I still feel like I owe someone (more than) a few bucks!} Thanks again!

  7. Annette says:

    Lovely! It has you written in every detail. And would you please give tips on entertaining prep with little people?

  8. so, so gorgeous!! peonies are my favorite flowers too. those and hydrangaes.
    you did an absolute fabulous job transforming your backyard into a regular fairy garden wonderland~
    such a great idea w/ the hosta leaves. i love that.
    love it all!

  9. Anonymous says:

    yes, i’m finally looking at the pics….thanks for the link and the beautiful evening!! in my opinion, the rain only added to the fun.:) enjoyed it so much…..

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