another change….

hello friends.

i feel so wishy-washy to do this.

and, yet, i’ve done it.


i was for so long, adamant that there was no reason i should pay to blog.

i mean for real.

pay to put my ‘stuff’ out there? whatever.

there ARE plenty of ways to blog without spending a dime and i for one, am a fan of cheap and thrifty.


things are looking shaky over in xanga-land and i really, really want to have all of my blog posts saved in one place.

Tim and i talked about it and i moaned and bemoaned.

well. maybe not literally, but i did drag my feet.

for a while. and, then, i decided; that’s it.

Tim’s telling me to go for it and i’m not finding any free options to combine the last 5 years with where ever life takes me from this point on.

so, without further ado…

i will now be blogging over at my own little dot com.

you will find me here.

i hope you will come along and see where life takes me and my family from this point on.




3 thoughts on “another change….

  1. Another lovely blog… 🙂 I archived all my xanga posts and so far they are just sitting there … wasn’t able to import them but I figured at least I have them for myself. 🙂

  2. hey girlfriend… just testing something out on my new blog. ;)) my link was broke, so i’m seeing if it’s working.

    have a happy hApPy monday! xo

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