Random (W)ritings…

i can literally sit on my porch or in my bedroom upstairs and listen to the school children just up the street playing outside during their recess time.

***so very blissful and quaint.***

i sit on the chair in my bedroom and think about this thing of being so far from all those i love and wonder what it would be like if we lived closer so that our children could grow up together and we could celebrate birthdays and holidays and everyday days.

***nothing like i thought life would be like***

but, then i listen to those children playing and when i think about my children and their happy and contented spirits and when i realize that they are living their own story that will someday be told as ‘back when we were kids’, i snap back to reality.

***nothing like i thought life would be like, and yet so much more***


as if my thoughts on the recent devastation in Oklahoma are anything new or different….

but, when i think of how BLESSED i am to wake up in a climate controlled house, with four HEALTHY children, and my husband has a JOB to go to, and we have FOOD to eat, and MORE than we could really ever need in many senses of the word….i just feel humbled.

humbled that things in my life are so good and better than i deserve.

sure, there are hard things going on.

i have to think there are for all of us.

to varying degrees, there are just hard things in this world and as long as we live on this side of eternity….this will be our lot.

it’s sobering to think that all of what i have, what any of us have, could be snatched from us tomorrow.

it’s sobering and yet, it draws me to strive to live as i know i should.

as i know God would want me to live.

whether that is loving my husband in new ways of service…

or meeting all the mundane demands that consist of the life of a mother…

or truly being kind to someone who i know hates me…

i want to do as i can and know i should because life is really just short and o-so-fleeting.

moments where life hands me hard things and where i see others suffering really make me stop and think.


in the course of this ordinary day, we have had the waterslide and sprinkler out and in use.

all four of my kiddos were Loving it.


and, their mother, she loves the chance to soak up a bit of sunshine while they frolic and play.



Kate discovered that the wipes are a super fun game to play.


our twisty locust tree was LOADED with blooms this spring.


they were so gorgeous, and smelled just heavenly.

have i mentioned that i love gardening before?

i know, i won’t bore you.

but, i will just insert that this time of year is just so luscious and invigorating and inspiring.

even if there are weeds to pull and mulch to spread.

i love it.

i’m looking forward to a brief outing tonight with a friend for smoothies.

and, coming up in a few days, we’ll be settling in for a long weekend.

i am in desperate need of that after the past 10 days of chaos and very little face time with the one i love most.


y’all have a great rest of your day!




8 thoughts on “Random (W)ritings…

  1. How have I missed your new blog?? So delightful to find you here and the cute as ever kiddos. 🙂 I keep thinking about the tornado, too, and how I have just had these very same reminders about my perspectives on life issues because of the Boston bombings and Sandy Hook and yet the fact that it jolts me back to reality makes me realize how quickly and horribly I lose eternal vision. Hope the rest of your week is as lovely as these days and that you get that long weekend respite soon!

    • losing eternal vision; Yes! that’s so easy for me to do. i think it’s part of the lure of Satan…lure us into complacency and enjoying life here too much so that we lose sight of what life for a Christian is really about.
      i hope You get a long weekend with your family too!

  2. Angie Oatney says:

    Luke and I sat together and read your blog post this morning. I like to point out the pictures of his cousins and he gets so excited. It kind if makes me feel like we are all just a little bit cl

    • Angie Oatney says:

      My phone decided to send my comment before I was done. You get my drift though. Showing Luke pictures if his family always makes us feel a little bit closer to you all.

      • i’m so glad you commented!! and, even ‘gladder’ to know you are seeing us here! i miss not seeing you around FB! been thinking of you guys so much.. hope thing are going well.
        much love!!

  3. So much good thought, and with living far away from my family too, I can echo your feelings about that… Somehow God knows best, and even though it’s not what I would choose, I am learning to trust…

    I love the thought of you hearing the school children (including your own) when you’re on your porch. How special!

    It’s been a crazy few weeks for us too, and very little quality time together as a family and couple. I KNOW what you’re talking about. It’s needing to happen again soon!

    Love your new space here.

    • trust, yes. so hard sometimes. especially for someone like me who likes to know what is ahead of me…but, recognizing that no matter what *i* think is best, His ways are always right and perfect for me!
      hope your weekend is delicious and i am hoping to see you before too long!!

  4. I love the thought of listening to your kids on the school playground from home.

    Know all about being away from family… It’s hard to miss so much stuff. I’m not half as far from mine as you are so I can’t imagine missing even more then what I do already.

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