Monday April 15, 2013

12th Anniversary weekend spent in D.C. and Baltimore’s Inner Harbor.



watching people.

being with the one my heart loves more each day.

it was won-der-ful.

and, now, back to your regularly scheduled programs.
i’ll be back.


12 thoughts on “Monday April 15, 2013

  1. Haha…love the comment above! I actually laughed out loud. Jeff did our taxes today too…he actually is just walking in from the post office. (the one that was open late ;)Oh what fun!!! Your pictures make me want to go on vacation! Very nice shots.and…Is that the skirt you made? I want to see another picture! I love it!!!Happy Anniversary.XxOo

  2. HA ha!  I’m laughing at hicktownfarm’s comment!  What a great weekend getaway! I loved all the things you captured with your camera Rachel.  I’m with Liz, I want to see a better picture of that darling lace skirt!  Happy Anniversary my friend!

  3.         I love the pictures. what a wonderful time away! and now I am here wishing for a little get-away with jeff. hicktownfarm’s comment was awesome. 😉

  4. Just so dandy that you guys could sneak away! It seems like that gets more and more important in this raising of the little people stage. I think it’s time to plan another weekend with my hubs.  And it’s time to catch up with you again too.

  5. Oh, this DOES look won.der.ful!! An evening date is treasured in itself, but a few days? Wow. I am so happy for you! You have such great pictures. I love your angles, and how you capture things. And your outfits are darling!!Happy happy anniversary, and I wish you many more, happier all the time! :)xoxo

  6. Marcia says:

    Looks like a wonderful little getaway! We love our Baltimore and D.C. weekend getaways! I feel very blessed to live close and be able to go there! We’ve seen that guy on the uni perform before… kinda funny. lol. And of course a person always HAS to stop in at Barnes & Noble!!! Happy anniversary! (We get to celebrate ours in Ocean City this weekend) *happy dance* Have fun spoiling that new little niece of yours! So jealous! Can’t wait to meet Piper in November.

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