Tuesday March 26, 2013

well, it’s kind of the way it goes sometimes, you know?
all day yesterday, i would think; ‘i’ll get to my blog after this’ and then it was 9:30 and i was showered and my bed and warm blankets and my husband and i watching one of our favorite sitcoms together sounded like a much better idea than going downstairs alone and posting on my little blog.
oh well.
thankfully, i do have ‘tomorrow’ today.
because, really, it’s no guarantee.
sometimes, as we all know, you gotta choose the best over the good.
‘nuf said.

it’s been pretty hum-drum around here to be honest with you.
these past two weeks were just a lot of normal living.
school and work and play and eating and doing it all over again.
i am a girl who loves her routine, but i also admit i am looking forward to some fun, exciting times in the next couple of weeks and of course, i, like most of the area, hope that spring will soon come to STAY!!
March 25 we had another day of snowy weather.
kids were excited and bless his little heart, Brent played outside in it alone for quite a while.

walking to school in snowboots and carrying umbrella’s.
i know.
that’s odd.
i really didn’t send her out this way.
i only had her hold the umbrella so i could snap a picture of it.
it was a goodwill find and i think it’s kind of charming.
in a mary-poppins-kind-of-way, i guess.

Kate has some super cute little red shoes.
they are often used for a toy.
how’s that saying go?
‘girls with red shoes have more fun’?
i just made that up.
i have no idea.
 but, we do tell her all the time that ‘she’s so fun!’

Ava painted a canvas for her bedroom.
cheap blank canvas=kid bedroom artwork.
love it.

you know how we finished painting our living room?
well, the hubs bought a new flat screen and it made me totally revamp the space where our old dinosaur box t.v. had been stored in an old wardrobe.
that black flat screen out in the open and looking so modern just did not cut it for me.
thankfully, i ‘shopped the house’ and Tim willingly brought the old door from our bedroom down to reside behind the flat screen.
i can much easier live with this.

someone thinks she’s big stuff when daddy holds her up to the coffee table/chest and she stands by herself.
wait, wha????
how can she be ready for this so soon?!

little missy also loves to rip clothes out of baskets.
i admit i let her.
sometimes, you gotta pick your battles.

her hair pulled back from her eyes makes her look so different, i think.

you know that kid that i hardly ever post pictures of?
my oldest Seth?
yes, him.
i often feel bad that i don’t have more pictures of him on here.
but, then i think to myself, ‘he’s alot like his mother and i guess he’s not fond of being in the limelight either.’
boy, your kids sure teach you a lot about yourself.

and, Easter this weekend?!
any excuse to throw a party, and what better party to throw than to celebrate our RISEN Savior!
the 2nd Chapter of Acts song ‘Easter Song’ is running thru my mind a lot these days.
and, it’s blared through the speakers a couple times as well.
belt it, Matthew, Annie and Nelly!

‘joy to the world, He is Risen, Hallelujah!’

Celebrate the Risen Lord!


6 thoughts on “Tuesday March 26, 2013

  1. Yay! It’s a Rachel post!The kid canvas idea is steller! That is so fun!! And Ava really is a great artist, I’m really admiring her work!The old door beside the flatscreen with the sack! So pretty! But please, don’t just give us a little peek – we want to see the WHOLE living room redo! :)The last picture – eggs and old scales… so so prettyOh, and you know the Easter Song!? I LOVE that song!xoxo

  2. I couldn’t believe that it was March 25th and it froze!?!  Seems like winter just doesn’t want to leave.Loved looking through your pictures and seeing life through your eyes.  Kate is adorable as always 🙂  Funny how one little purchase can totally change up a room 🙂 

  3. that’s a good idea, letting the kids paint a canvas for their bedroom.  i need to keep that in mind, because the girls could use a little more on their walls. miss kate is growing up so fast. is she becoming a happier child for you? i love the door behind the flat screen- adds a warm, rustic touch.

  4. Great post of what you’ve been up to.  I can’t believe Kate wants to stand up…her eyes were so happy in that picture!I love that you let your daughter paint a picture for her own room.  I love kid’s art, it’s so beautiful and quaint.

  5. Sometimes I wonder if winter has just settled in permanently this year? 🙂  You make boring something more than that!  It was fun hearing what’s going on in your normal shnormal.  Have you posted any pictures of the finished living room?? I’m so wanting to see it!  I know I miss a lot, but the last I remember seeing was a half painted room. 🙂  I love Ava’s art!  So much fun when they paint their own stuff and cool that you got her a canvas to work her magic.  Adam has been relegated to poster board and sometimes I wish he’d have been on canvas.  Hair pulled back or not, red shoes or barefoot, Kate is a doll!

  6. always love a peek into your world.love the old door. i’m w/ you.. i hate the stark black modern flat screen..have you seen those ones that just disappear down into a cabinet or something?so cool. and i’m sure like a gazillion dollars but if i had it i’d do that. ;)) kate is such a beauty. i think she looks different too w/ her hair pulled back..her eyes are so deep and chocolate. ~ talented little artist you’ve got there.and awesome last shot~i’m kinda weird but i think eggs are so pretty.they remind me of balloons or bubbles or something..i don’t know. maybe it’s round things i like. ;)) happy day after easter dear~ xx

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