Monday March 11, 2013

i baked yet another batch of cookies today.
if i had a dollar for every batch i have made in my life…
i have recently discovered the luxury of parchment paper.
where has THAT been all of my life?
or, why was i not introduced to it before now?
great stuff, i think.

i told my husband that the kids were inquiring about when we would go to the library again, because we NEVER go there anymore.
true story.
after we missed returning a number of items after our Florida vacation, i was too sickened at the thought of forking over *that much money* for a library fine, so we have skipped the library since October.
i (somewhat) jokingly told Tim that ‘when the library starts being Christ-like and forgives all debts, then we’ll go back’.
and, then it occurred to me that i was not *exactly* being Christlike by not paying Ceasar what was his, so….
i coughed it up.
and now, we have gone to the library 3 times in the past 2 weeks.
those library trips just so happen to take us quite close to Target and a little cupcake shoppe that i had a buy-one-get-one coupon for.
that was fun.
to buy those cupcakes and give them away.
little random acts of kindness…they revitalize my spirit.

we had a snow day last week.
only, funny thing.
we didn’t get the snow.
at all.
whole lotta hype for nothing is what it turned out to be.
it actually makes me laugh to be honest.
those meteorologists…i would not want their jobs.

we had 2 days in the past week that the kiddos enjoyed playing on a playground.
i’m so ready for springtime to come and stay.
these little teasers of sunshine and warmish days…
oh, they are delicious!

with the onset of warmer days here and there, our yard and our neighbors yard burst into bloom with crocus and other wild little flowers.

Saturday, i got my first bouquet of the year from the little people in my life.

i went to the goodwill twice last week looking for a new vest for myself.
found none.
but, i did find one for each one of my four kiddos.

i’ve been thinking alot about how each one of us have our own story to tell.
and, yet, how so often times our stories weave into one another’s.
i think there is a fine line though between telling what is *my* story and telling what is anothers as mine.
we watched the movie The Words recently, and it has further stirred my thinking along these lines.
intriguing movie, although maybe not of all morals most high.
but, the story line and how another man steals a story and claims it as his own…and, the price he pays for that.
i don’t know….it’s made me think.
a lot.

Tim and i had two blissful hours together last Thursday evening at Panera Bread.
no kids.
a quiet table, a bowl of soup, half a sandwich, a cup of coffee.
sitting there talking and planning and thinking and LOVING.
best date we’ve had in a long time.

and, there is more i could say.
but, it’s late and i’m tired and my big girl is sick and i have my fingers crossed on the little one.
i figure i best sleep while i can.
thank you for stopping by on this Monday.
have a blessed week!


16 thoughts on “Monday March 11, 2013

  1. I don’t think I’ve introduced myself yet but….thanks for sharing. I always love all of your posts. Esp. Miscellaneous Mondays!! Glad you had a great date night too!  Blessings to you and your family!

  2. parchment paper? yes!! life changing.and library fines. gulp. they could build a whole branch w/ the money we’ve paid them in late fees. shayne’s forbidden me to go anymore. ;)the bouquet is just gorgeous. and those clouds. wow!love the last pic from date night. very cool perspective in that shot.and i’ve been wanting to see that movie and now even more w/ your rec. sounds fascinating! have a great week ahead rachel dear. xox

  3. you  need to introduce your library to the Valentine’s Day forgiveness policy. Ours here in Hayward will forgive any debts on that day as long as you show up! i pay so many fines through the year that i boldly take advantage of that day!.and i loved hearing about a blissful date at panera bread. there is nothing quite like anticipating a date and then it turning out every bit as good as you had needed it to. love your mondays and pictures.

  4. Library fines. Jeff told me I pay enough in fines to cover the electric bill at the library. and once when he came along with me to return some books, (big mistake!) he told me he is going to take away my card!! Such a meanie!You have blooming things by you already?!?! We are still covered in snow…and it’s snowing again this morning. It’s supposed to snow all day. We have had so much this year. I like it though, so I don’t mind.However, I am getting a bit excited to open my windows. Your little bouquets are beautiful.  So glad you had a date. Love the basketball pictures. Great job on the vests! Hope she feels better and no germs are shared!Happy (now) Tuesday on your Monday post. =)

  5. I love your monday posts!! Random is my thing instead of 20 paragraphs to read. 🙂 Ohhh, I’ve been avoiding our library too then Mom took the girls and paid my fines. Wow.  Ok, enough of my shallow morning thoughts, I’m off to push girls out the door to school. 🙂 

  6. Parchment paper – yes! :)A snow day with no snow? That would make me laugh too. And be terribly disappointed!Library fines? What’s that? Umm, yeah, I know all too well!A Panera Bread date sounds so wonderful. There is something about that place that makes talking so easy, and the love flow. :)Have a wonderful Tuesday!♥

  7. beautiful post! i love all the little tidbits of your life- sounds like a full and happy one! sweet you giving away cupcakes- i agree, that is a happy thing to do. random acts. good for you! 🙂

  8. So thankful that I was one of the blessed recipients of a delicious cupcake!  Definately warmed my heart.  Yesterday a couple of my crosuses opened up, and they were a welcome sight for sure!  I’m watching my daffodils with Eager expectation.  I can’t wait to see them!

  9. There’s a amnesty day at the library when they”forgive”your fines.(once a year) I told my daughter there’s no excuse to have overdue books since you can renew them online.Well,I had to eat those words……….What a neat idea to bless someone with cupcakes!That would make my day to give and to receive!I have been enjoying those glimpses of Spring also,it’s amazing how warm sunshine boosts your spirits!

  10. i always write donation on the memo part of my check when paying library makes me feel better. sorta. :)kid bouquets are thee best. as is those kind of dates without kids.happy tuesday rachel!

  11. I just bought a book on CD on Amazon to replace the 1 CD the boys lost of the library’s. Irritating, just gets my goat (whatever that means) to pay for something when it could be free!!  Especially since I had just gotten all bossy and said that library books MUST.STAY. in the library book basket, and be put right back after being read.  I blame them, but really it’s my fault for not staying on top if it.  Yay! for a perfect date! The cupcake-giving inspired me.  The movie sounds interesting.  I’d love to hear some of those thoughts of yours. 🙂

  12. My husband likes to tease me about my fines, too.  Oh, well, it’s for a good cause, is what I always reply.  **sigh**I love all your news…and the date sounds awesome.  I was just at Panera yesterday.  Had a bowl of french onion soup. 

  13. You have flowers blooming there??? I was having trouble getting past that.  We have MUCH snow and more coming tomorrow. Ugh.  Sorry I didn’t get around to your Monday post until Thursday.  But turns out, it is just as interesting then.  I have not yet watched “The Words” but it is #1 on my movie list. For obvious reasons. Well, at least obvious if you know about my obsession with Bradley Cooper. 

  14. The main big library in our area is so strict about everything and I’m about done with them.  Literally this past week I went to pick up an item on hold for my mom and they wouldn’t let me because it was in her name and not mine.  She called them and told them to change it to mine and then they let me check it out.  crazy.  They wanted her to come IN and sign something that says I can check stuff out in her name.  On the other hand there is another smaller library in a small town nearby that literally you don’t have to have your card to check out the book, they just look up your name and you can even check out stuff on other people’s cards in your family without them being there.  Oh, and if you have fines and don’t want to pay them all you have to do it bring in a canned good for the food pantry and they’ll erase them.  I love that library.

  15. I’d loooooooooooove to be in on a conversation about your story versus my story, because you’re right.  The lines are so blended.  The movie sounds interesting.  And I don’t know if I’ve told you or not, but I love your random Monday posts.  They make me feel as though you are almost next door …. like I just want to drop in and see the crocuses. 🙂

  16.          I love reading your blogs!! You are very talented!! I am not good with words but i sure enjoy reading others  Got a cheaper suggestion for you(that is if your family eats cereal) i save the bags ….carefully open them up.wipe the crumbs off and dry… then fold&store till cookie makin time!! My mother in law taught me this saving tip yrs ago. If they get nasty…with melted choc.chips i just pitch it otherwise u can use more then once.And btw… i was just at Panera Bread today!! Love that place and my craing took me there today!

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