Monday March 4, 2013

i’m so happy to see that all of y’all’s lives went on just fine without my miscellaneous Monday post last week.
if you read my (what should have been titled ‘strange’) Saturday post and thought, oh, my stars….
never fear.
that was just one of those ‘my brain is whirling and i want to get this out’ moments.
luckily, i don’t put a lot of those out there.

so, i swiped off the camera card and found we actually did a number of things that i didn’t post about in the past couple weeks.
Tim gave me a lovely bouquet of flowers for V-day.

we had a birthday boy.

i baked and decorated the cake. (no worries. i know it’s far from my forte`)

we ate at Chili’s for the birthday boys night out.

Seth got (another) set of lego’s.


we made granola and ate it in big mugs instead of bowls.

we colored.

Kate ate. Lots.

Seth had a Science project that was fun for all. (Brent heard something about safety goggles and…he’s a riot!)

i crossed school children. (and, obviously, the toilet lid was not down.)

Saturday morning pancakes.

Brent and i took a nap in my bed. (luckily, nobody was there to take mom’s picture.)

the boys have gotten into styling their hair.

Kate sits with Grandma.

i finished painting the living room. pictures later.

the girls play together all the time. all the time.

i’m still enjoying my sanity saving runs even though this winter wind business makes it brutal.
thankfully, the likes of Toby Mac pounding in my ear motivates me onward.
Tim is telling me the forecasters are predicting a storm for us this week.
i actually would enjoy that.
one storm here and then, i’m ready for spring.
i’m already looking forward to doing a garden party in both May and June.
Tim and i keep talking about if and what and when we might do something for our anniversary and since that is technically in the spring-time, i am hoping that winter bids us farewell very soon.
i keep trying to convince my mom to come see us.
i’ve kicked up the picture emailing a couple notches.
Seth called them once or twice.
i’ll wear ’em down.

and, one last thing/thought.
i’m so thankful for and learning from the fact that babies are no respecters of persons.
smile at any-ol-body, they do.
i want to be more like that.
happy Monday.


15 thoughts on “Monday March 4, 2013

  1. I do love Miscellaneous Mondays!  Your children are just so darling Rachel… honestly, those beautiful big eyes!!   I for one am VERY impressed with your ninja cake, and I can tell by the way your boys are hovering around you, that they were impressed too 🙂  I think the picture of you with your cross guard sign and Kate strapped to you, is my all time favorite picture!  Although… the pictures of Brent sleeping are pretty amazing.   I’m looking forward to spring and summer posts from you Rachel.  Your yard and porch are so, SO amazing!  I know you work very hard to keep them that way and I like living vicariously through you 😉  Me with all my dirt (although that’s supposed to change this spring!).   Beautiful post as always my friend!  XO

  2. The image that went thru my head was hilarious when I seen the toilet, stop sign, and the string hanging from the sign. I roared! Seth is so handsome!I love how your photos give me a peek into your lives since we live far far faaarrrr away.We’re to get a big snow storm too, the snowmobiles are ready!You’re an incredible Mama/Wifey.  Happy Tuesday, my friend!

  3. I do love these too!And as I looked the pictures I kept thinking, “Rachel is SO beautiful. Her eyes are stunning!” Seriously!The safety goggles cracked me up. Brent is so fun. And the toilet lid seat – I would not have noticed that but it cracked me up too. You are a trooper to do street crossings with two little kids!Beautiful gift basket…And I love that Seth plays with legos and things like that, not just video games. I’m super impressed with that.Happy Tuesday! 🙂

  4. I did in fact miss your Monday post, and I did in fact check everyday to see if MABYE last week turned to mabye Tue, wed, Thurs……… post. But I already told you all that:). I LOVE this post, you are one amazing woman. The pics of you doing the cake and the boys right there almost like an extension of you was so good and yet convicting to me, my kids, like all kids, love to part of everything fun, creative, exciting and new, and I so often get SO impatient and speak out of frustration which usually ends up chasing them away. Thanks for that little nudge. But with all that said I love seeing little snatches of your life. O and garden parties! And you said 2! Why do we live 12 hrs apart? So much fun stuff in your life. And I echo what C., said you are so beautiful and so full of life.

  5. ahh Happy Belated Birthday to your sweet boy! His cake looks awesome!  What fun pictures of you guys living and enjoying life! Your kiddos are adorable! Love the stop sign bathroom pick even with the toilet up. You are beautiful!  So precious the picture of Kate with Grandma! My Grandma has passed away so I just think its extra special when I see the young and older together!Blessings on the rest of your week!

  6. The boys styling their hair made me smile.  A real smile.  And yes, that picture of you with the kids at Chili’s. You look absolutely amazing!!  Other things that I thought I would comment about have fled my mind by the time I got to the end of all your pictures.    And…I did NOT think your previous post was strange. At all. AND…I DID notice/miss you last Monday.

  7. i keep scrolling up going oh i like brent in bed, no i like the girls at the restaurant, wait i like the crossing guard in the bathroom … and it goes on like that the whole post : ) happy weekend!

  8. Missed this post….just wanted to say I LOVE the last two pictures of the girls. How sweet!!!Oh, and I think you guys should enjoy a nice leisurely weekend in Chicago for your anniversary, maybe meet up with some friends, go house hunting. 😉

  9. I love this random stuff! Catching up on an old post . . . as I told you before, xanga somehow refuses to notify me of new posts. grr. Your black and white pictures of everyday, normal, but often overlooked things like napping children, dressed and ready to go out the door, daughter reading on the couch . . . inspire me to capture more of those moments with my children. Thanks for sharing your life.

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