Monday February 18, 2013

(this weeks edition features pictures from the end of December and first of January when my sister and her family were here for a visit. i’m missing them so much. and, wishing for snow. )

we’ve been listening to a lot, a LOT of Adventures in Odyssey.
specifically Volume 53, The Green Ring Conspiracy.
it is rather intense.
and, my kids, they LOVE the intense.
makes me think that someday they too may enjoy reading the likes of John Grisham, just like me.
i know.
that’s lame.

last night i was up with coughing child at 3:14.
and, thankfully, the coughing was brief and i was back to bed.
i could not go back to sleep because i was thinking about why in the world the pancake mix i was going to try in the morning did not call for any oil, and how in the world was that going to work, and maybe there was a typo in the cookbook that i was using, and would a batch of pancakes turn out to be a flop.
serious stuff goes through my brain at any given moment, obviously.

i’ve said ‘today’s your last day to do __ as an eight year old’ quite a few times today.
i think i’m saying it more for my sake than my son’s.
i can scarcely believe that my eldest is going to be 9 tomorrow.
my, how the years fly by.

we painted one wall in our living room on Saturday.
i LOVE the new color and can’t wait to finish the rest of the room.
can’t wait, and yet i know i have to.
there are too many other good things going on in this week to even rationally consider adding painting the living room to the long list i have.
that’s okay.
it will be worth the wait.

Ava had her first friends sleepover last night.
it was so fun.
so fun to watch her and her little girlfriend acting silly and doing what little girls do best.
i heard them talking until around 10pm and right back at it before 7am.

Ava and Brent are playing their usual ‘Justin & Annabelle’.
and, on this particular day, Justin doesn’t have a family.
and Annabelle, she’s orchestrating the whole thing.
they play like this ALL the time.
and, i love it.
one of these days, i know they’ll retire these roles and i am honestly going to miss it.

this morning, my entire living room was a ‘tent’.
i don’t know about you, but i can only stand this type of thing for so long and then, i’m DONE.
after Ava’s friend left, we had a ‘clean this dump up’ session.
of course, it won’t last the day.
but, the brief period of cleaner will be sanity saving for me, if noone else.

Tim is gone tonight and the kids and i watched a movie together.
it was a bust of a movie, but fun to sit there on the sofa together and relax after a busy day.

i’ve got some birthday preparations that i need to finish up here before i go to bed.
so, i’ll sign off with this link for you.
i’m nervously excited to be part of this new venture.
if you have time to check it out and subscribe, you will not be disappointed.

happy Monday…
what’s left of it!


22 thoughts on “Monday February 18, 2013

  1. Have you guys listened to the Jonathan Park series? If not..your kids would LOVE it!!!  It’s one of our favorites. Very adventurous, lots of cliff hangers..and it’s filled with lots of biblical facts about creation. Great series.Happy Birthday to your oldest. Time does fly…just wait until he’s 15! (However, then your living room wall can be painted sooner rather than later. Well..provided he likes to paint ;)I bet you miss your sisters so much, I would miss mine terribly if they lived so far. Ya know, if you were to move to Illinois, you would be a bit closer, and there is an empty house right next door to me..just sayin.Happy Monday Rachel!

  2. Again so very interesting!The sleepovers are so fun to watch…..amazing how kids can go, go, go and get up early in the morning so wide awake and ready to play and talk and laugh! Sleepovers for kids wear me out, tho.So…I wonder, did the pancakes turn out?? 🙂

  3. our girls play ‘marcus & evan’ : ) happy birthday to your man.boy … we have a whole year of eight that just started here with jack. boys are so great.have a super week ~

  4. I think my pancake recipe has no oil in it and it works just fine. How did yours turn out??I’m the same way about the tents. They love them but I can only handle them for so long then tent time is over. ha!I bet they will like John Grisham when they get older too. I loved the Jurassic Park books in high school and just a couple weeks ago my 8 year old read the first novel in like 4 days. I was so proud, he gets that from ME! 😀

  5. Your snow pictures are SO fun! And that first picture of your sister – gorgeous! You are one lovely family!Your kids playing in that imaginary world crack me up. My kids do it too, and it blows me away.I can’t imagine having such an imagination!! I know I did it when I was a kid, but it still wows me! I love it!Yay for new living room color! You will show pictures, right? :)And Oddysey… I just LOVED those are a kid, and still do. I need to get my kids started on them!Tents in the house. Yep, there with you. So fun to see THEIR fun, but then it’s got to go. :)Love this Tuesday! I hope you get more snow! 🙂

  6. @lifeisadance – Well!!! No fighting necessary, there is one other house for sale kiddie corner from the house next door to me. and our town is so small we can practically yell through the windows at each other. I think it’s a grand idea for the two of you to move to my town!!! The houses are old and quaint, we can go for walks all the time, it’s so peaceful and quiet…..and you have babysitters right here waiting for all of your date nights! It’s perfect. I’ll call the realtor today. 😉

  7. @lifeisadance – @foreveranoatneygirl_n2Hisown –  Oh I so wish you guys would! It would be so Dreamy Clarita. and Rachel, Moody every single year! and I went ahead and mapquested my house to the border of Oklahoma….it’s 12 hours and 21 minutes (I went with the shortest time on the list of course 😉 It’s practically a weekend getaway! and Clarita, it takes about the same time to get to PA. You could have a garden that grows and lots of snow! (it’s snowing right now actually) It’s a grand idea…and all of our husbands are handy, your houses can be fixed up to your liking in no time. Yep, it’s perfect!

  8. Did I mention how much I love your header?  And how it just makes me want to visit your blog. Plus, I had not noticed that quote up there until today. Maybe you changed it lately. Anyway, I LOVE that quote!! One of my current favs.About thinking of a pancake recipe in the middle of the night!  That seems so normal to me.  Things always seem huge in the middle of the night if I am awoken for some reason.  I will lay there sometimes and “worry” about things and in the morning I am like “I can’t believe I wasted ANY brain space on that!!”As always, loved your “Miscellaneous Monday” post and love hearing about what is going on in your world!

  9. yeah, that no oil thing would have me wide awake at 3:30, too! how were they?i love listening to girly sleepovers. But we have a problem  now that they’re older. It is  soNOT fun. My 12 yr old wants no little sisters in sight. at all. So, in retaliation, my 9 yr old says, fine!  I don’t want you anywhere close when MY friends come over….i am seriously at my wit’s end on how to deal with it.Is that your sister, Esther?

  10. @lin789 – yep, that’s Esther. and, isn’t her coat gorgeous?! i really wanted her to forget it when she left. 😉@quiet_hearts – thank you Lucy. i am, as i said, nervous and excited. @appalolly – yes, that quote. it’s not a new header or quote, but that quote is a favorite for me too. and, really? it’s something that i’m trying to intentionally remember….it’s really huge, ya know?@H0LDfast – marcus and evan. oh, that’s just great. i love it!@aSeriesofFortunateEvents – yeah, see? my kids, get nothing else from me, so if they at least get a love of reading a certain type of books….i’ll take any credit i can. 😉

  11. so happy for you your sister could come!i think we’ve listened to every single adventure in odyssey ever made.. and atleast 4 times each!! :)) love them.smiled about your pancake recipe keeping you awake.oh, the way our minds work as women. men have NO IDEA! ;)) happy birthday to your oldest. the last year before double digits. wow!! but then, i didn’t have to remind YOU of that, did i. :)the time just seems to fly faster and faster every year with them… the snow pics are all so fun. i’m a bit over snow here for myself, but still love to see it in OTHER people’s photos!!! ;)))reese is pitching a fit. gotta run! 😉 ly~

  12. ahh sorry you miss your sister..I  sure know what that feels like.  I grew up listening to Adventures in Odyssey,  so fun!   lol..I hear you on the living room tent thing 🙂 off to check out the link you posted.Have a wonderful Friday and weekend!  Wishing you snow your way 🙂

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