Tuesday February 12, 2013

 i have not bought these little candies for years.
because, come on.
just one?
who does that?!
i for one, have no idea.
happy Tuesday!


7 thoughts on “Tuesday February 12, 2013

  1. I actually just bought some this year because my kids wanted me to make them little letters using the candies for some of the words.  I ate some yesterday while I was working on their little notes and yeah, they are about as awful as I remembered. Yet, I still somehow like to eat them.

  2. If those wouldn’t have words, no one would buy them! 🙂  But seriously, I was tempted because they just go with Valentines. 🙂  Awesome photo!  You’re having fun with that new camera!

  3. I can hardly resist those candies either! Not because I like how they taste – I hardly even eat one single one if I buy a pack – but just because they are SO CUTE!!Great picture too! 🙂

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