Monday February 11, 2013

another week.
another edition.

over the weekend, the kids put together their Valentine’s Day cards for their friends.


i had a photo shoot with a kiwi.
(seriously though. i saw this idea on a box of kiwi i purchased at the grocery and have never looked back. scooping it out of the peel instead of peeling and slicing it. it especially works well with a grapefruit spoon.)


i changed the chalkboard words from coffee themed to love themed.


100 days of school has come and gone.


i *slaved* over Valentine’s Day cookies.
opened that box, plopped them on the sheet and…




Kate roams the house in this thing all the time.
she loves it.


someone is pretty pleased with her newly acquired ability to sit solo.


kindergarten artwork is priceless.


Brent builds a ‘church’.


and, now?
the kiddos are all home.
 it’s snack time.
homework is next.
then, daddy comes home and rescues us all.
then supper.
little miss Kate has been fussy today, so, it’s leftovers for our fare.
i’m going to come back on Wednesday with a fun little Valentine’s Day idea/inspiration for you.
i’m so excited about it!
til then…


7 thoughts on “Monday February 11, 2013

  1. I love the kiwi photoshoot!! I think they are SO pretty. Zoe calls them the fruit with sprinkles. :)And your chalkboard – both of the quotes are so lovely! It would be hard to switch them out!Valentine cards… that is so sweet. It looks like both kids were so intent and focused! So cute!That kindergartener is sure a sweetie. I love that age/stage!Oh, the Valentine cookies? That’s my kind of baking! :)xoxo

  2. Kiwi photoshoot…fabulous! I have been eating my kiwis that way since I’ve been little, now my kids do it.I read your post with my girls and it took ten hours because we kept looking at pictures of the kids over and over.The girls want to leave Ava a comment……I miss you very very much. I want to see you Happy Valentines Day! I like your princes dress and your crown. Love Allison xoxo AvaHappy Monday from all the girls in this house. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Love your miscellaneous Monday post, as usual. Your pictures are always so awesome! These posts make me feel happy…and inspired to do better at enjoying the little things in life!!

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