Tuesday February 5, 2013

i guess this is what i get for being all pleased with myself.
i did post last night.
and, then, when i looked at it this morning, i was like, ‘where’s all those other pictures i meant to put up?!’
guess that’s what happens when you’re in a hurry and really just want to go to bed.
ah well.
carry on.

i’m kind of pleased with myself.
four weeks in a row of Miscellaneous Monday?
a new record for me indeed.
like i said before, if you’re inspired to share your own Miscellaneous Monday (or whatever YOU want to call it) i’d love to see your rendition.
leave a comment telling me you shared so i’ll know.

where to start….


it’s almost one of those ‘is this the good news or the bad news first’ kind of pictures.
mommy gets her Ninja on.


it was a slow day here.
Brent and i rolled a golf ball on the floor for a good 15 minutes.
he’s such a great little chap.


Ava gets her craft on.


at 7:08 on a Saturday morning.
i am so very happy that Seth has finally gotten to the place where he LOVES reading.


Kate has the BEST morning hair.


supper salad.


early morning iPad games.


little decor changes.


Brent builds tents for himself and Kate.
i should also point out the blue suit and the red suit in these photos on this post.
they are his favorite ensembles.
i cannot take the credit for putting together such great combos nor can i take the credit for dubbing them as ‘suits’.
it’s 100% Brent.


there was a day i made whoopie pies.
and the kids loved them.


and, from the iPhone…


the biggest strawberry.
a moment when she slept on my shoulder.
listening to multiplication facts.
muffins for breakfast.
creativity explosion.


10 days til Valentine’s Day?
15 days til my oldest turns 9?
the days, they just go so fast.



12 thoughts on “Tuesday February 5, 2013

  1. That picture of the kids all crowded around the I-pad…still in their pj’s.  That is definitely something you would see around here on the weekend!  Especially our boys…they pretty much always watch the other one play their electronics time.You already know that I did my own “miscellaneous Monday” post this week!  It was fun!  I am assuming that cold weather was the reason for dressing up like a Ninja.  If it was some other reason, I feel like I should know what it was!

  2. … oh, but a very very cute ninja! :)… i always love peeks at your house! there is such beauty but such a cozy, welcoming feeling…. 7.:08 on a Saturday morning? oh dear. i guess when they get in a school routine it’s hard to stop it?… little Brent just seems like such a fun little character. 🙂 how neat you get lots of time with him and baby…. you made whoopie pies? wow-ee. i’ve never made them all by myself. they scare me. … love this peek into your week! xoxo

  3. I am so loving the Monday thing. I am kinda jealous of your discipline. And you house. So cozy  and beautiful. My 4(almost 5)yr old LOVES that tone on tone thing too. Red shirt does mean red pants or in his case red shorts “right”. O well just gotta love them. I know the feeling with the days go by so fast. Wish they would slow down and wait for me to caught up. Hope this week is a great one for you.

  4. I challenge you to Ninja again but this time with adventure as a purpose and then blog about it.  Tales of a Ninja mom could be the next big blog debut.. yes, I think so. Ohhh the whoopie pies look good.  Made some for the first time for a bake sale last year and they were so good.  Maybe I need to make some for Valentine’s Day treats.  Love your misc. Monday – such JOY.  And your header is just delightful.  Love it.

  5. I like your random monday posts  🙂  I’ve started doing Monday posts too since I seem to have more time over the weekend to put them together.You look fab in your Ninja shot!  🙂

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