Monday November 12, 2012

i’m not an overly zealous political or patriotic person.

i do live in a land of freedom and liberty.
and, i am grateful.

so many people deserve thanks and honor for the great service they do for our country.
i am thankful for the men in my ancestry who have served our country.
both of my grandpa’s were in the military.
my Grandpa Oatney’s remains are buried in a Veteran’s Cemetery in Florida.
if i were closer, i would definitely go to the gravestone today and pay my respects.
i was only ever in a Veteran’s Cemetery one time….


it is humbling at best to walk those long rows of markers.
to think of all those men and women who have served our country.
 who have protected and defended our freedom.
if your day puts you in contact with a Veteran, thank him or her.

and, have yourself a very happy Monday!


9 thoughts on “Monday November 12, 2012

  1. Now that I am super late…for some reason I have missed ALL kinds of posts over here! I guess they were flooded out of my inbox??? by someone for some reason xanga won’t let me delete. I have tried and tried…..but these two people update every 5 minutes! Ugh. so frustrating.Anyway..loved this. and the pictures to go along with it.Happy Belated Veterans Day.

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