Tuesday October 16, 2012

well, not like those dolls from the 1980’s.
thank goodness!!
oh, wait.
those were Cabbage patch dolls.
that’s right.
why didn’t anyone ever invent pumpkin patch dolls?
that would have been waaay cuter!

but, my little guys and girls.
in all their pumpkin pickin’ glory.

(these two pictures ^^ are definitely called ‘The Brent Stands Alone’)

my little blog.
even more small and mundane than usual the last while.
too many irons in the fire.
and, these next two weeks are equally as busy…
but, i hope to post again next week sometime…
y’all have a great week!~


8 thoughts on “Tuesday October 16, 2012

  1. We went to the pumpkin patch too, only there was no pumpkin patch there were only pumpkins laying in the field that they got out of a box and put there. And they were so little. So sad about our first pumpkin patch experience. The hay ride was fun and the kiddos enjoyed all the fun stuff they had there to do. Your experience looks like you guys had fun. And the pumpkin is really nice and big.                            Just a little explanation on the “patch”, the drought the summer took it out. But they should have told us that. I think so anyhow, O well the kids had fun.

  2. Happy to see a post from my Rachel!!  Pumpkin patch trips are the best 🙂  I see that even the littlest pumpkin got in on the action too.  I miss you, but completely understand being busy, hope things settle down soon. 

  3. Yay, a post from Rachel! And mundane? You & your blog, and mundane, are allergic to each other. Your blog is perfectly delightful!And I only have three, but I well understand the busy… 🙂 I think you have a perfectly understandable reason. But I am always very happy to see a post from you. 🙂 ♥

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