Tuesday October 2, 2012

Sunday night was my one, big, extremely anticipated evening of the year, for me.
my fall fete`.
last year, i so thoroughly enjoyed myself when i did this, that i knew there was no turning back.
Sunday the weather was Very iffy all day long and as the afternoon and evening progressed, i was getting increasingly concerned.
the chance of rain was pretty decent and, it was clouding over with big, stormy looking clouds.
but, we prayed and prayed.
about an hour before start time, i decided i would buy myself an hour and push the time from 6 to 7.
and, would you know, it did not rain.
maybe a couple drops, but that was it.
and, those drops were long before the party.
i was so thankful.
so, 7 o’clock rolled around and…
it was good.
it was very good.

10 ladies, a full moon, first part of fall, food and fellowship.
it doesn’t get a whole lot better than that, in my opinion.
image overload, coming at you.

for starters.
my pallet table(s).
i cannot tell you how insanely excited i was for these things.
i found the inspiration on Pinterest, and asked Tim about the possibility of making me two of them for my Fall Fete`.
tables? for a party? that’s the kind of thing i want?
you bet.
he knows i’m a little crazy like that, so he humors me.

it was a process.
and, while a tutorial might be nice, i cannot give you one.
i just popped out every now and then and took pictures while he was building them.
i know it involved 4 pallets, 2 x 4’s, screws, posts and a trip to Lowes.
i was just giddy with excitement on the day he finished them and we placed them in position.

the Entrance…

where we had our pool over the summer the grass is DEAD. so, i thought this would be a nice way to distract from that glaring ugliness. i have these two old doors i picked up from someone’s free pile of awesome junk, and, this is what i envisioned….i was *kind of* pleased with how it turned out. from one of my neighbors, i ‘borrowed’ four large flat rocks to create the walkway.

and, here is how it looked from the ‘back’ side of the entrance way…

to the right of the entrance, i had a table with drinks…hot cider and water..


little touches around the yard…

little brown paper bags filled with autumn themed favors for each guest sitting inside an old egg basket adorned with bittersweet….

the food table….

it’s really a bummer that i don’t have pictures of how this table looked once it was laden with food…each person brought a dish to add to the soup i made.
it was an incredible assortment of scrumptious-ness!

lighting the candles…

the tables….ready for guests!

the view from the back of our yard…

place settings…

simple centerpiece…tea lights in mason jars…very nice lighting down the center of the table…

the guests who graced my tables…
this year i invited a bunch of my neighbors. it was a delightful group of women.
completely beautiful, each one is in her own special way.

and, one with me…
(taking pictures in the dark..eh, not my favorite mode)

and, there you have it.

until next year.
in the meantime, my tables will be stored in the basement.
my mason jars will most likely be filled with some kind of home canned goodness next season.
the ornamentals i placed throughout my yard are now back in their spots on porches, etc.
the twinkling lights are still up, and the firebowl is ready to go again, hopefully a couple more times this fall.
and, my heart is filled with thankfulness.
thankfulness because of each person who helped make this happen.
from my husband, to my children, to each guest that took the time to join me.
and, to the Good Lord who gave me the desire, the ability, the reason to enjoy this very lovely season.
and, i leave you with this verse.. this verse that motivates and compels me onward:

Therefore, whenever we have opportunity, let us do good to all…
especially those of the household of faith.
Gal. 6:10



34 thoughts on “Tuesday October 2, 2012

  1. i am coming back tonight to linger and drink in the beauty a bit more…:)Rachel, you are so gifted. i love all your warm touches. and, wow, way to just be ambitious and take it from just being a dream to DOING it. i just lurk in the shadows with so many of my dreams like this and never do them. but you have truly inspired me. So do you know these ladies quite well? or was it more of a get to know the neighbors?

  2. Rachel this is just beautiful!! The pallet tables are fantastic and all the lovely details you added… you’re amazing!  I’m so inspired, I just wish our CA weather would give way to some crisp fall weather.  I will live vicariously through you ;)PS~ the hostess looked every bit as lovely as her table!

  3. girl, I love your decorating!   It looks like it came right out of pinterest.  Next time I have a party I know who to call πŸ˜›  Every little inch is beautiful and so inviting.  I really don’t know where you find all this free time to do it, I think it’s called super woman πŸ˜›

  4. O MY WORD! This is so amazing. You are so amazing. It is beautiful, you mentioned nothing about food but I feel sure you pulled that off alone too. Your ideas are stunning.Job well done. I agree with the other ladies, you look fantastic. And good job Tim on the tables and for being such a good sport and support. and kiddos to:). ( I guess you will need to pass that on)  How I would love to follow in your foot steps, but fear of failure paralyzes me. One day mabye i will turn  “big girl” and pull it off.

  5. i just love your whole backyard and all the plants you have everywhere. you must have a thumb for gardening. i do not. πŸ™‚ gorgeous party! all the girls look so cute in their cozy outfits. i’m sure you blessed the socks off of them! 

  6. soso pretty. it made my day to see this post was up  Love seeing how people do parties, and makes me wish I’d be more ambitious about things like this cuz it looks so fun! I am disappointed however, that there is not more mention about the food best part, you know.

  7. Thanks for sharing your day, it is such an enjoyment to see everything.  So very delightful, pretty, and so inviting.  Your decor looks so, so cozy and FALLISH.   Love seeing the tables in progress…good job to your husband, though his assistant is the show stopper, too cute. All the lights and lanterns and pumpkins look fabulous.  You are right, a row of candles in mason jars is a wonderful, simple, centerpiece that glows.  

  8. What a gorgeous party!! Now I know why I couldn’t find you when I searched after church. πŸ™‚ You were off to create a vision of beauty for your guests! How special they must have felt! I’m especially inspired because it was your neighbors… To be able to spend an evening with neighbors is a special thing indeed, on both accounts. I’m very inspired.All the little touches of autumn beauty – so wonderful!! I just love the autumn season! You have such a gift. AND with a small baby. Double Wow factor there for me.XOXO

  9. Wow, this is just gorgeous all the way around!   You did such an amazing job, what a gift!The tables are awesome….we have a bunch of pallets behind our garage, hmmm, it always seems like a shame not to do anything with them!  Great idea!

  10. oh, i love this. from the Lord holding off the rain. to those pallet tables. and the mason jars. and welcome doors.. just every little detail!would have liked to be right there in the middle of it all~ what a sweet time i’m sure it was.rachel, i’m always so challenged and inspired by your heart of hospitality. i just feel you truly live out, “bloom where you’re planted.”and in your blooming, i know so many have been ministered to and loved on. you’re such a thoughtful friend. such a lovely party and post! xo

  11. and on those pallet table.. have you seen how they put wheels on those and use them as coffee tables??that would be a cute idea w/ yours. chop the legs shorter and paint it white!! i think pottery barn had something like that. tell tim, great job. and ask if he takes orders!! πŸ˜‰

  12. @grace_to_be – that would be cool! i’ll have to keep that in mind for if and when we retire our ottoman that serves as a jumping platform…something about a table though doesn’t sound quite so enticing for the jumping ‘magic’ Brent performs; maybe i should ask Tim about that now! ;)♥!

  13. i first saw this from facebook & couldn’t get to it ’cause i wasn’t logged in …. some people (you!!) just have a gift for these things. it’s all so lovely.i just can’t get over the scarfs & coats yet …. the temp in my rear view mirror yesterday actually hit 99!!and i agree with the other girls, that candle lighting picture – gorgeous.

  14. How on earth did I miss this post?!?!?!? Ahhh, I wish I could have been there. I was SO close! Thank you for inviting me…what an honor!Everything (including you) looked absolutely beautiful. So cozy and homey and fall. I love how you have the doors set up. and your tables look great! Way to go Mr. Beachy. =)Happy Weekend to you.xoxoxo

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