Thursday September 27, 2012

…are going on right now.
with last Saturday bringing the beginning of Autumn, i cannot express my love for this season.
if i could pick one season to have year round, it would, hands down, be Autumn.
i texted this message to my siblings and mom and a friend who shoulda been my big sister…..

‘i want to pick bittersweet.
and go to the orchard.
and drink cider.
and have a hayride to the back of the farm.
and watch the grass blow in the ditches.
and listen to the dryer on the grain bin.
it’s Autumn and i miss Duncan Rd.
and each one of you.
very much.’

(^^Duncan Road, and the beloved place of my childhood.)

you see, Autumn is filled with Nostalgia for me.
i would give just about anything to be able to sit out in the pasture on the farm where i grew up and watch the grass blow in the wind.

if i hear a grain bin dryer running around here, i am instantly transported to the area in which i grew up.

when i drink cider, i remember picking the apples up off the ground and off of our trees in the back yard and taking them to be made into cider.
i hear talk of fairs going on in the county here and i remember o-so-fondly the days when i took my cattle to the fair to show. and i remember how much i LOVED those early mornings going into the dairy barn and the steam rising from the warm bodies of those cattle, and the smell of fair food and the sounds of the animals, and the excitement in the air as so many people groomed and readied their animals for competition.

i was eating from a bag of potato chips the other day and upon reading the words 100% lard shortening, i was hungry for cracklin’s. (you don’t know what that is? yeah, well….you might not want to either!)
incredible nostalgia, this Autumn season is.

and, i realize, i truly believe that we are forming and living out my children’s ‘good old days’.

(^^from the first time we picked pumpkins back in 2008. still one of my favorite pictures of these two)

(^^pumpkin patch 2009)

(^^2010 pumpkin patch)

(^^pumpkin patch 2011)
and, now that i’ve looked at these pictures from the past, i’m so anxious to go with sweet Kate this year!!

one of these days, they will look back on these days we are living now and recall.
and, i hope, i pray, i so long for there to be a lot, a whole lot of good old days for them to recall.


you glorious season called Autumn,
we welcome you and the chance to make splendid memories…

happy things about Autumn thus far:

pumpkins from roadside stands.
bittersweet gathered alongside the road.

takeovers on the porches.

little boy with his lollipop.

airplanes from a friend who ‘gets’ little boys like Brent.

making new friends.

sweet visits with a friend from the midwest, whose lovely family is above.

(^^next time Liz, i think we better just smile instead of asking Tim to make us look taller and thinner and have whiter teeth. ;))

licking the icing off the beaters.

Grace to get thru long days and short nights.
doctors who can prescribe antibiotics for infections.

listening to sermons online.
my upcoming Autumn party!

pumpkin spice latte’s
friends stopping in for a quick lunch visit.
candles burning.


its’ almost the weekend.
i hope yours is wonderful.
make it the best of times!


23 thoughts on “Thursday September 27, 2012

  1. the best of times she says. and i read her words and looked and looooooked at her pics…and i think yes. she’s right. i didn’t know that you showed cattle! the house that you grew up in looks so neat. i want to peek inside. 🙂 and the words duncan road…make my throat feel thick. i will never ever forget how my dad would say on a regular basis as we would top the hill before turning in Our Road—“good ole’ rocky road,” he’d say. i thought i was going to be a kid for a long time…you were a treat in my day rachel. here…and irl too. baby kate is just precious. and brent…well. he’s a hoot. enjoy your upcoming weekend and party! happy hugs!

  2. Oh Rachel! I wish you were my next door neighbor! I laughed at that picture of us….yeah, we should’ve just smiled. My computer crashed and I can’t get my pictures onto my computer. =(I was able to get the one of your family…but not any of us or the kids yet. =(Anyway, your children are going to have the greatest memories. You are a wonderful mom, a wonderful homemaker and a super sweet wife who is obviously adored by her husband. =)Thank you for your hospitality. I LOVE your house and your family.Happy Thursday to you. Funny…as I type this comment you’re only about 15 minutes away! Ha! That’s something that doesn’t happen everyday.

  3. aw. and now i’m feeling all nostalgic too. such a sweet post in the most precious kind of way – – the preciousness of days gone by. anticipating creating new ones like the old ones. i love all the photos! every single one just speaks something out to me. and i feel more in love with autumn now after looking at them!of course, seeing you and Liz makes me smile. real big! and her hair is STRAIGHT!! don’t know if i’ve ever seen it without her trademark curls. so glad you guys got to meet each other’s kids. i was telling cindy that just seems to connect the “missing pieces” if that makes sense. ;)have a wonderful weekend~ xo

  4. Awe, Rachel I can tell you are really alive during this most wonderful season of autumn!  I love it too….  I often lament that it goes by all too quickly. So, yes make the best of it!  I KNOW your children will look back and truly treasure the memories you are making!!I’m jealous of Liz that she got to see you and your family and your delightful home!  I always think you have such great tastes!  I love the letter/art you have on your chalk board!!happy weekend to you and I’m looking forward to pictures from your party! =)

  5. I loved your Duncan Rd Home so much, in fact, I had told E that I am gonna cry after your papa told us he’s gonna sell. 🙂 I can visualize/see everything in that home starting w the lil porch where the smell of cow the kitchen with the farm house table the lovely living room…the 2 stairways..the cast iron the sewing machine where your sis was makin her yellow dress on the day of the sale…LOVED that farmhouse and the ppl who lived there!

  6. this was really neat… i loved the pumpkin patch pictures from years gone by and seeing your kids grow. 🙂 you got to see Liz! wow…and that’s great that your family’s could hang out with eachother.

  7. Rachel — I LOVE this post!! Loved hearing your memories of childhood and seeing the pictures and then I loved your perspective on how we are shaping those memories for our children right now!!I had no idea you got to have Liz at your house. Yay!  Also, I barely recognized her with her straightened hair!   Aren’t her children just the sweetest, coolest kids?Anyway, such fun pictures and loved feeling and hearing about your excitement about fall.  I used to love fall the most and now I think I turned into a summer girl.  Not sure how that happened.

  8. Oh I love it all…totally understand the feelings this time of year, I had tears running down my face writing my blog yesterday w/ Dave’s birthday….just with heart FULL of gratitude.  The leaves are gorgeous here, the air is cooler…LOVE that you and Liz got to hook up.  Laughed at your caption, that is SO me, too.  🙂 (make me look thinner! please!)Love the idea of laying a wreath down on something like that…looks very nice…and do you really have a chalkboard on your porch?  *swoon*

  9. GORGEOUS pic of you and Liz! and i adore your fall decor- for real, might be the prettiest i have ever seen. especially the chalkboard and the bright tin pots. i have 2 pots of mums plopped outside and that is all the fall decor i got done. i just can’t get to it and it makes me sad… because i LOVE to relish fall too.

  10. Rachel, you are an amazing woman with a wonderful talent!! I could spend all day looking at your photos! And Liz with straight hair, noticed that right away too. 🙂 There are so many things that remind me of home too, the grain dryer is one of them, old dusty roads and just lots of things that I want my kids to know and remember too!

  11. O this makes me miss you. it makes me miss your family. i like K. can still see that house in my mind, funny how our minds work together. About 2 wks ago I was trying to paint the picture of your house to H. not sure that I done justice to its beauty tho. i honestly believe its your moms cozy farmhouse feel that inspires me. I really did not remember the outside to look like that tho. It almost takes my breath away. And cry a little too:). Ok enough of that before I really cry. I LOVE, LOVE your fall decor (could I hire you) and the pumpkin patch tradition is so awesome. you truly are a wonderful person, mom, and wife.

  12. I am drinking in every beautiful image!!  What a treat to get a glimpse into your childhood Rachel, what a perfect way to grow up.  I think your children will share your love of fall 🙂  Your porch looks so amazing!  I’m really looking forward to see your party pictures 🙂  Have a great weekend!PS- loved seeing you and Liz together and all the kiddos!! 

  13. wow. just wow and i just drank it all in.  i agree with jenny, the prettiest autumn decor i have seen yet. and whoever it is that gets to come to your fall party? they are some very lucky ducks.  you really do come alive in this season and i think that is so cool.  you must be doing some photography lessons or something too???  your pictures just draw me in.  always have but even more so now.and yeah for spending time with liz and yep, the straight hair had me looking twice too.  but both of you are truly beautiful and inspiring.happy wkend to you too.

  14. What is it about fall and nostalgia?  I think it’s in the wind, somehow.  Because I so understood you wanting to sit and watch the grass swaying.  You are blessed with happy memories of childhood and the good life you are making for your family now.  I love this post.

  15. It seems like fall has come to internet world and I can’t wait till it shows up down here!  totally love your porch decorations!  They’re so fun and beautiful.  btw your yard looks so lovely and pretty.  I can tell you don’t live in Texas, you get more rain, and have cooler temperatures 🙂  If only Texas landscape could look like that I think it would be the best place to live-not saying I don’t like it I’m just jealous of the flowers and green y’all have up north :)So that’s what bittersweet is…always wondered what it looked like :)What fun friends to get to see!

  16. I was just thinking the other day about how my children’s memories are being made right now.  Right this very minute. This was a wonderful post! I’m jealous that Liz got to visit with you and that you got to visit with Liz. 😉

  17. This post is SO great. It puts a gulpy feeling in my throat, like, a happy lumpy-gulpy feeling, that these indeed ARE such precious days with my own little family as well as the happy remembrances of my own childhood… You wrote it so so well. Your childhood home is amazing!! No wonder it was hard to leave!So jealous you saw Liz. That she saw you more than the 5 seconds I did! 🙂 I should have stayed in the nursery with you instead of going to Sunday School. 🙂 How fun to meet each other’s families! I just love meeting the families of my friends – it just seems a more complete picture of who each other is. You both are such beautiful inspiring women!!And your pictures… For real, I just always look forward to your pictures. 🙂 So clear, so pretty.Happy week to you!xoxo

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