Tuesday August 28, 2012

so, scrambled days should surely tell you that this is going to be quite scattered, right?
because, omygoodness.
it really is.
i started this post last week.
added bits here and there and now, over a week later, and many events later, i’m finally finishing it up.
so…bear with me!

i’m reading Bloom by Kelle Hampton right now.
totally heart-wrenching and beautiful and inspirational all at the same time.
i don’t have a big list of ‘big time’ bloggers that i follow and really like.
but, i have to say, she is one of them.
not because i agree or could endorse all of her beliefs, because i could not.
but, because she writes with such soul.
she just has this way of drawing you into a life that i ‘get’.
her book is just the same way, and i am loving it.
crying my way through pieces of it, for sure.

Tim and Seth are at a ballgame tonight as part of Seth’s prize for completing the summer reading program at the library.
Ava did the program too.
but, come on.
if you’re a mom and your kiddos did the summer reading program your library offers, you surely know what i mean when i say ‘where’s my prize?!’
yeah, it seems to me the mom’s get the short end of that stick.


three more days til school starts.
i have no idea where the summer went.
my daughter is beside herself with excitement about going to kindergarten.
my son, feels like the summer was too short.
i feel….both of those things.
and, the occasional, ‘these kiddos need a change of scenery’.
but, mostly, i am happy my children have a good school to attend.
i’m excited for their worlds to be opened more and their minds expanded.
but, i’m going to miss them so much.
i just love having my children at home and being with their precious souls.
yesterday when we were in the van listening to Michael W. Smith as we drove along, i had tears in my eyes listening to three of their 4 voices singing along to worship songs. it was one of those ‘i wish i could freeze time’ moments. (closely followed by a moment of ‘why do they have to fight about EVERYTHING’, but still).
i can’t believe it will just be me and Brent and sweet Kate here at home each day starting Monday.
it’s not a thing i always take kindly to.

as i was reading in Bloom today, i read the part of the story where Kelle’s sister comes to the hospital after she’s had Nella. she talked about how her sister just swooped in and took her baby and loved on her like she was her own. she talked about the bond that she has with her sister and their years of growing up being best of friends, worst of enemies. and, i teared up at the part where her sister came so soon after her babies birth.
i’ve always wished for that when i’ve had my babies, and always longed to be able to do that when my sister has had hers.
but, distance separates us greatly, and we have to settle for what we can get.
and, last weekend, i settled.

for my sister and nephew being here from a Friday afternoon to a Monday morning.
it was short, but just what my soul needed.

to hold each others babies and just sit around the house watching all these kids….to talk and laugh, and be stupid and crazy together….to solve all the problems we see and touch on our own….man. we could have rolled on in that mode for a lot more days.
but, it was good.
real good, those couple short days.

i have decided my kids may need to get out of the house, even if i don’t.
case in point:
little Kate was having some bowel issues a couple days this week, and i knew that if she would just POOP!!! things would be better.
but, what do you do? nature just has to run it’s course.
well…last night we took a couple of meals around to some friends and neighbors and wouldn’t you know.
15 minutes after we left the house, at someone else’s house, the explosion happened.
today, while i had errands to run, it happened again.
yes, i can go for the entire week and not leave the premises and not be phased.
but, my kids, apparently, need a change of scenery.


i decided that yesterday i HAD to get some errands run that i was putting off for weeks.
packed the kiddos up, gathered the library items and set off.
we collected a variety of books at the library first and then while i fed Kate in the grocery store parking lot, the kids read/looked at books.
we had 5 stops all together, and we survived.
sort of stressed out til i got home, but it was DONE.
i was completely mortified when i looked in the mirror upon arrival at home and had a nice, round ring of milk staining the front of my shirt.
just another day in the life of a mom, eh?


i kid you not.
last week when my sister was here, i was telling her how i’m thinking seriously about selling/getting rid of all the train toys and table we have down in our basement, cuz our kids NEVER play with it anymore.
well, most of this week, guess what they’ve been doing?
playing trains.
like, all-day, playing trains.
go figure.
and, the other thing?
now that summer vacation is down to the last 2 days, my kids are sleeping in too.

the hubs is working today.
kids are playing (with trains, of course).
Kate’s finishing up a nap.
and, i, really must be about the housework.
i did manage to wash and wax my kitchen floor this morning.
and, i’ve made all the meals we’ve had to eat.
and, somehow, managed to get dressed.
if you’ve recently had a baby like me, you may understand when i say that this whole thing of a new little person in the house takes a lot, ALOT out of a mom.
the 24-7 constant someone needing you, and only you for something….
the walking and rocking and juggling and crying and wishing you knew how to soothe those cries….
the weary eyes that look back at you in the mirror each morning….
the wondering if and how you will ever be a decent wife again….
and, yet telling yourself every.single.day. that this doesn’t last long.
at all.

the kids were playing other things while down in the basement last week…
set up their own little hurdles and were having some games.
different levels and the whole shebang.
it was really pretty cute.

this past weekend was filled up with not only train playing and hurdle jumping, but cousin loving.
Tim’s family was here for Sunday lunch and the little girlies just adore babies….

and, then, in the evening, a cousin of Tim’s from VA stopped to see us and meet little Kate.

i love this picture of them, even though it’s not perfectly clear.
there are not a lot of people that we have in our history together, Tim and i.
but Les is one of them.
a cousin, yes, but Tim always, always says that it was because of Les that he grew to like me when first we met.
and, Les, he’s the kind of cousin that i feel like he’s ‘my’ cousin too.
not to mention that my kids and especially my sons consider him a legend.

Kate was putting on the charms for Grandma on Sunday…

and, adoring cousins and Grandpa and Grandma…

and, then, Sunday night, Ava wanted to tell her sister that she would not be here the next day…

my girl, she started school yesterday.
but, that deserves a post all of it’s own.
when, i can think straight to write all that went on with that very special day.
til then….
g’night all.


12 thoughts on “Tuesday August 28, 2012

  1. You just take the most gorgeous pictures. That new baby phase, it’s full of challenges. Just going somewhere and timing feedings and feeding in vehicles and weird places but the JOY of getting OUT and getting something done. Not that I ever liked to go out much but knowing that I could do it successfully was such a huge accomplishment.I hope your kiddos have a great year in school.You just can’t beat a visit from a close sister. I’m glad you got the opportunity even if it was short!

  2. I know life has been one happy, crazy blur lately, but I have SO missed you here!!  I loved this big juicy “catch-up” post.  I loved getting to see more pictures of darling little Kate (the one of Kate and daddy and Kate and Ava were my favorites).Why is it that babies ALWAYS have explosive poops away from home?!  My Gideon was the worst for that.  I can’t wait to hear about Ava’s first day off school!  Love you!

  3. little kate is already growing so fast, it seems. i think she looks more and more like you! so pretty~you made me smile reading about the blow out and playing w/ trains.yes.. it’s like they can read our minds or something. ;)i love the shots at the beginning w/ tim and the baby. the light is gorgeous.you have such a eye for capturing the little moments so well..i’ll be thinking of your heart  w/ the kiddos going back to school.it’s very close to mine right now as the kids here start tues.and the same – it’ll just be me and baby girl. let’s have a phone date!!! :)hope you have a great day there. maybe a nap somewhere in all the busyness!love you friend~

  4.     so much of this post resonated with me…..The prizes for library reading programs that should go to moms, time with a way-too-distant-sister (she’s beautiful like you), the trains that never get played with until NOW, and baby blow-outs—oh my word! It’s seems like all breast fed babies go through that not going for days thing and it’s so worrisome.  But I remember my doctor telling me that it’s totally natural.Blessings to you with school starting and the getting through these beautiful but tough days with a beautiful new baby that can’t go fast enough but can’t go slowly enough either. 

  5. What an interesting and relateable sort of post.  Other than that I don’t have a newborn.  Enjoyed your pictures, too. So happy for you that you got a few days with your sister!  That sounds wonderful!

  6. Wow I can’t believe all you’ve gotten done especially with having just had a baby and even to take pictures of it all!!!  You’re like the super woman or something 🙂  Hope the back to school thing is going well!

  7. I’m thinking super-woman mom too!! :)These sorts of posts make me wish I’d live nearby and could spend time with you, learning to know you better.The baby blow-outs… um, yes. Why do they always seem to happen in a carseat??! Not that I’d know from experience or anything… Ha!The not playing with certain toys until there’s a movement to remove them from the premises? Yes again. :)The pictures of the baby being loved on by your husband’s family… that almost makes me tear up. That is precious. The time you were able to spend with your beautiful sister… I can only imagine the wonderfulness of it all! So happy for you!And your little girl going to school… what a heart-wrenching moment.And as always, I love your pictures. You capture life and beauty so well!♥

  8. i always love these ‘chat about normal life’ posts from you. And kinda how you threw together bits and pieces over a span of several days. ugh. we are having one of those ‘need-to-poop’ days here. I hate it. It’s been going on since…oh yesterday or the day before. he sleeps so much more fitfully and is just whiney when he is awake. JUST poop already!!  I’m kinda worried it’s gonna happen on our roadtrip tomorrow! Also. i see you’ve got your Moby figured out. I was meaning to ask if you did, when I saw you, but then forgot. Aren’t they great? I love mine so much, except for the fact that it’s kinda warm and is like, 50 million yards of fabric. But it’s so soft and secure and I love how it feels like I’m not really carrying anything heavy, like the Bjorn carrier I had before did. Last night B needed to get out of the house (see aforementioned poop problem), so I stuck him in it and  we started walking, he and I, and walked and walked and walked. I thot maybe he’d fall asleep, but no, he was awake the whole time, his little head just pushed back, eyes wide, little “O” face, just looking and looking. I felt like a mama kangaroo or something anyway yes. love my wrap and so does he. Have a great weekend!

  9. You captured the ‘normal motherhood’ in that detailed post! Even to the point of your title, scrambled days.You should add another thing to your plate and become a writer. :)I wish I could be closer and take Kate for the day.I seriously laughed out loud on some of your details.Mothers. often. get. the. short. end. of. the. stick!But as you said, it doesn’t last long. BUT somedays I truly wondered.And Les? I haven’t seen him in years!Love Love Love that E. showed up and loved on you!! Loved ALL the pictures!

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