Friday August 17, 2012

tidoythem owoethcmbotwaz.yoduqckalo.
nbtixc. ripwzmncht, niqloxptmbndiehtm.

you get that?
what? you cannot make sense of the things i wrote above?
oh, you probably thought i let Brent type out his thoughts, right?
it’s me.
flailing about like a fish out of water.
not making sense and not sure which way to turn on any given day.
your life ever feel like that?
it’s been a week of flailing about for me.
rushing from each day to the next.
appointments to keep.
mouths to feed.
laundry to wash and dry and fold. and, maybe put away.
baby to nurse.
kids to bathe. (wait…i’m not sure we did that one. i did think it though, so surely that counts for something!)
plants to water.
grass to mow.
weeds to pull.
carpets to vacuum.
floors to wash.
bills to pay.
and yet, somehow, i can come to a spot in any-given day and feel inadequate.
like i should be doing more.
left feeling bad about what is falling thru the cracks and could be done.
and, then i have an epiphany-type moment and i think to myself; ‘feeling versus knowing are two totally different things’.
and, i start to put things in perspective once again.
sure, i feel like i’m not getting enough done.
but, i know that i’m doing what i can.
oh, indeed i feel like everyone else is having a better summer with amazing vacations and we’re not.
but, i know that this summer our big thing was Kate and she’s way better than any ocean vacation or mountain getaway.
i definitely feel like my life’s in shambles when i look at my devotional life.
but, i know that He hears my faint cries and hearts longings when i cry out to Him in the night or in the day.

this week held the much anticipated and hugely successful Kindergarten orientation for Miss Ava.
oh, she is so ready to be in school!
counting down the days.
actually, she pretty much counts EVERYTHING, so this is just one more thing to keep track of for her.

baby girl is now 6 weeks old.
6 weeks?! how time flies.
she’s doing more cooing and making good eye-contact.
her siblings love to hold her, talk to her and are so excited when she’s smiling and cooing in their direction
she’s doing pretty well on the overall new baby scale of things, i feel.
up once a night to eat and then her day starts


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