Thursday August 9, 2012

how is it possible that my baby girl is 5 weeks today?
five weeks of sweetness have just blown right past my face.
of course, there are moments when it’s not all sweetness and light.

(newborn faces are just the funniest)

she’s had a few nights of pure ‘wretchedness’ and a few days of wanting to be held and crying when she’s not.
she’s a newborn, you know?!

(talks with her siblings are a constant)

she’s still pretty tiny.
i had her at the doctor’s last week and she was up to 8lb. 9oz. which is 2 pounds more than she weighed when we brought her home from the hospital.
i’m happy with that bit of progress considering so much of my days are spent sitting down nursing her….
my motto has become ‘she must increase and i must DECREASE!!’. (i won’t give you any numbers to tell you how THAT progress is going!! let’s just say…slower than i wish.)

(little treats like this probably don’t help my cause, eh?!)

we’ve tried to resume a lot of our everyday experiences around here and just fit little Kate into our routines…
we’ve done the library, the grocery, Target, the park, watching the kids in the pool, and of course Sonic…

this weeks big event was the arrival of and introduction to Kate’s Oatney grandparents…

one of the hardest things about being 1200 miles from my family is my children not getting to see and know their grandparents like i always assumed they would.

we try to make the memories stay alive with pictures and talking about the experiences we have when we are with them…but, it’s just flat out h.a.r.d.

(grandma teaching Ava to knit)

i don’t think i ever penned it down here that little Kate is named after me….
my middle name is Katherine, and so i was happy for my mom and dad to meet my namesake.

the older i get, the more i adore namesakes.
hence little Brent and Grandpa Brent.

this business of a newborn in the middle of a hot summer has been…interesting.
i am sooo thankful i’m not pregnant in the midst of all this heat and humidity!
we just got this pool for the kids and while they are all mostly ok alone in it, i don’t quite just trust to send them out alone, so….i either have to be there in it with them or somewhere where i can see well…so…i’ve been able to capture some great moments whilst i sit poolside with little Kate-babe…

(three wild things)

(if we’ve seen some synchronized swimming, you ask? why, yes, in fact we have. obviously, inspirational!)

the two oldest kiddos have been going to VBS this week and tonite is the last night for that.
how can tomorrow be Friday already?
i’m looking forward to a weekend of my husband home from work, and little planned.

it’s a scorcher out there…
y’all stay cool!


20 thoughts on “Thursday August 9, 2012

  1. She is sooo precious! I just love the pics of the grandparents and the babies. I bet it really is very hard to keep them all knowing each other well.  I’m thankful not to be pregnant this summer too, ha. My oldest, who will be *gasp* 12 very soon was born on August 30th. It was 111 that day.I wish I was close enough to hold your baby~

  2. wow, i am so impressed at how much you get out with a baby! i never get much done after a baby. maybe all the energy comes from the capri sun. 🙂 that is so precious your mom and dad could be with you. i’m so glad you got to soak up the memories. the pictures are gems, i’m sure. i love all the hair accessories you wear on your girls. have a super summer day! jenny

  3. I love those goggles!!  All those fun days spent in the pool, those are the very best summer memories.  I love the picture of Ava learning to knit with her grandma, very sweet!  I didn’t realize that your Dad was able to come as well?!  That’s wonderful!Miss Kate gets more adorable each time I see her 🙂  She is a peanut isn’t she?  I took the kids to Sonic yesterday and thought of you 🙂  Have a great weekend Rachel, enjoy the time with Tim!

  4. Loved the post and pictures… Kate just keeps getting cuter. Know what you mean about grandparents being far away. My parents aren’t 1200 miles for sure, but it’s still too far to run to mom’s for the day and things like that. Some days I’m ok with it and the next day when something special comes up, I just want to live close to them. Glad your Mom and Dad got to come. Hope you have a great weekend!

  5. Once again, wow, you always have fabulous pictures. I love how you just “live” life. That thought just hit me yesterday that I to often wait for life to happen instead of me making it happen. Or better, let God make  it happen and enjoy the ride. Ok I so went off there. Once again it was great seeing pics of your parents, and my heart feels with you on the distance thing, only our distance isnt that huge. Little baby Katy is SO darling and I love seeing your pics of her. And a pool is such a life/sanity saver at times. Someone gave us a very nice big pool last yr and O the hours they have spent in there. It does seem to have worn off a bit right now. 

  6. i feel like I was nodding yes to everything you wrote: the increase/decrease thing. I’m learning the more I surrender myself to frequent feedings during the day, the less ghastly the nights become. bye-bye scheduling nazi. AND I’m not sure why my body saw fit to add an additional 20 lbs. Really? Right now I have nothing hardly to wear…blah. having a baby in the hot weather. interesting for sure. he gets all irratable when he gets hot and sweaty. So we are indoors. alot. I do love the muslim swaddle blankets, they are a lifesaver for a baby who loves to be swaddled.And grandparents living far away. uh-huh. makes me sad they miss out on so much of my kids lives. Abbi is finally to the place where she remembers them from one time to the next. And Bentley is tiny too. Can’t wait till his monthly check-up to see where he’s at. He was down to 6 something by the time we left the hospital too. His skinny arms and legs are finally getting some chubb. I’m guessing he might be 9#. Fiiinally starting to outgrow some of his newborn outfits. And. that is so sweet that you have a namesake!

  7. Love the synchronized swimming. Love the baby pictures…I can just imagine how soft and sweet she is!!! She is soooooooo adorable.How happy you must be to have your parents in for a visit. It’s got to be hard to live so far away.Enjoy the rest of your week.

  8. “she must increase and I must decrease”  SO FUNNY!!She’s so wonderful..I would be happy if you posted 15 pictures a day of just the baby!!  LOLLove that she’s your namesake. 

  9. Seven months later and my little guy still nurses.  All.  The.  Time.  lol  The first year goes so quickly.  Having older children just makes it more evident.  🙂  Happy days of summer and swimming!  🙂

  10. SO fun to hear an update from you again! And I’m a bit ahead of you with the age of the baby, but I still run a “yes yes!” commentary along with your post as I read. 🙂 The increase/decrease thing is too funny, but ever so perfect! This third one is taking me on a long trip to get back to “normal.” With the others it wasn’t really hard; with this one, goodness!! It’s not even the pounds as much as the “Pillsbury Dough Boy” feeling… :/The swimming looks so fun too. That is SUCH a great way for kids to use up their energy in the hot summer! And what special times with family from far away. I think sometimes it makes it all the more special to be with them because of the distance. But then I think if we’d live in the same area I would still treasure it just as much. 🙂 So glad you were able to have both of your parents ~ what a treat!And you have really been out and about already! If it had not been for the family weddings, I think I would have parked myself at home for weeks. 🙂 But it finally is starting to feel a bit more normal to pack up three kiddos and take them with me places. That took me about two months to even attempt alone.I hope your weekend is lovely and all you hope it to be! xoxo

  11. oh Rachel…your new little lady is so precious. I love that your parents were able to come and spend time with all of you. My mom’s parents lived far away when we were little so it was hard for us to get to know them…but always felt loved when we did have time with them. your other littles are growing so big…and utterly adorable 😉 i love that you’ve been able to spend time in your beautiful back yard that you have spent time enjoying it.

  12. Sounds like things are going well.  Little kate is looking great!How fun to have grandparents come and I’m sure the extra help is nice as well 🙂 Ava looks like she’s getting that knitting thing down!  I’ve taught kids to knit but they tend to get frustrated and quit seeing how knitting takes awhile It definitely is a hot one out there!  I’m ready for the coolness to come but I’m afraid I’m going to have to wait awhile :/

  13. I got to see a couple little babies Kate’s age today– I didn’t hold them, but they were just so cute… all these babies born lately are going to give me baby fever for sure if I’m not careful!!  Anyway, sweet little family you’ve got there. We live 1 hour and 5 1/2 hours from our families, so while it’s not terribly far, it still doesn’t seem like family is involved that  much in our lives. Surprisingly, we don’t always see that much more of Kendall’s family who are only an hour away!

  14. I never grew up in the same community as my grandparents but they were close enough we could visit them often. I’m so glad your parents could come visit. Hopefully someday your kids will be able to spend more time with them!

  15. she is sweetness personified for sure!!and i just love LOVE the shots of your dad with her…and the one of him and brent.i had to get a bit misty eyed reading what you wrote.of course, i so feel your heart there..far away from parents/ grandparents for the kids – – not how you always pictured it. yes!had fun picking out a little something for our sweet kates!hope to get it off in the mail soon.xo.

  16. emma, reese and i were talking about babies this morning.. so i’m showing them baby kate. and just showed them bentley too. i’m afraid they’re wanting one now!!! ;)happy monday dear. xo

  17. So beautiful she is…. and you capture moments so well.  Time spent with those you love is so priceless….  Where did you get the kids goggles?  They are soo cute!!  

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