Monday June 18, 2012


this past Saturday, i was with some of my extended family.
at a brass band concert, in Gettysburg.
and, while it will most likely seem strange and possibly like something is lacking in my life when i say this, i’m going to say it anyhow:
when any of life seems helter-skelter, a pie makes all of life seem right again.
at least where i come from.
when Oatney’s get together, you don’t just eat cookies.
or cake.
or just have coffee.
you eat pie.
homemade pie.
with a top and bottom crust if preferable.
but, pie, nonetheless.
and, so, combined with the nostalgia i was feeling after picking berries at a sweet friends home on Friday and the much anticipated day with family coming the next day, making a pie was just what i had to do.
i was feeling somewhat tired and weary Friday morning and had told Tim that i was going to take it easy for the rest of that day.
until, i was lying on the couch remembering my friends invitation to pick berries.
i just could not resist.
so, i packed the troops up and we picked my hearts content.
and, as soon as i came home, i KNEW what would be next on my list for the day.

it was therapeutic to me.
the rolling the dough….

the sugaring the berries….

the top crust being placed and properly crimped….

and then baking it and having my house smell so….

when i took the pie along to Gettysburg and served it to my family, i felt like i was carrying on a baton…
doing what would have made my Great-Grandma, and Grandma, and Mom proud.

and, when my family ate it, i knew they got it.

the people around us?
who knows what they thought.

but, the Oatney’s there….
we knew what it was about.

and, it was good.
it was very, very good.



19 thoughts on “Monday June 18, 2012

  1. I LOVED this!!!! And I feel so honored to have had the teensiest part in that beautiful, delicious looking pie! Your mother, grandmother, great-grandmother and so forth would be so proud of you, and not just because of the pie either!So honored to have you in my life.

  2. i know what the ppl around you were thinking.. the same thing i am – – GIVE ME SOME!!! =)beyond tasting good, i’m sure. it’s awfully PRETTY too.i’m kinda weird that way – – thinking pies are are you, my friend. so glowy and healthy looking and just effortlessly pretty!! i might have to try my hand at a pie in the next few days. i’m feeling inspired and i just got some blueberries and blackberries at the grocery today, so either/ or. =) 

  3. Your pie looked SO pretty! {and good to eat!}I’m sure your family enjoyed it very much.Thanks again for having us over yesterday. Your home is so adorable and so welcoming.Here you are 9 months pregnant hosting a beautiful brunch/lunch! It was lovely. I can’t wait for you to come this way. πŸ˜‰ Your quiche was so good too. Thank you Rachel. =)

  4. i love how sweet old grandmas wear those crazy black sunglasses : ) your pie …. i’m with amber, i feel all inspired … just not sure any pie will actually come from it!!also agree with the others in you looking good.oh & the way you say so every-day-ish that you were in gettysburg, that’s just fun.happy day to you ~

  5. I am on my way over for leftovers and lessons! I am determined to conquer pie crusts at some point but I didn’t get those genes. And I know this is the wrong post but I love, love your pretty red porch swing! 

  6. Aww, I love this!! And now I WANT SOME PIE! Super good pictures you got here, making all of us starving hungry!And YOU look fabulous! I love that last picture of you – you look fabulous, and TANNED!   πŸ™‚

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