Thursday March 29, 2012

today, my heart and mind are elsewhere.
physically speaking, i’m still here in my small town.
but, inside, i long to be where my heart feels most at home.
the wind outside is whipping wildly and reminding me very much of a Kansas morning.
i think of my brother who is just now going under the knife for a scheduled surgery.
i think of my parents who are sitting with my sister-in-law for the very LONG day ahead of them.
and, i think of the fact that i *thought* i would be there with them today…but, it didn’t work out.
it’s life though, you know?
the choices i made brought me to this point and time in my life, and while i would not change them, days like this make me wonder why….
why a lot of things.
to trust, to let go, to KNOW He is in control.
these things, this is what i have to tell myself to do.
i’ll pray and hope and think about those closest to my heart.
i’ll listen to my wind chimes telling me the wind is whipping like a Kansas morning.
and, i’ll be here…..
in the moments He wants me in.


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